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  • East 17 fan avatar
    East 17 fan concert review for East 17 in Trak Lounge Bar, Melbourne on Fri, 08 Jun 2012

    A major fan from way back. I was in my 30's this night, sang on the mic & met the band afterwards & it was the best night of my life ❤️✨️

  • Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit fan avatar
    Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit fan concert review for Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit in Community Arts Center, Williamsport on Wed, 21 Feb 2024

    It was clear from the start that his voice was not at full strength. He struggled through many of the more forceful lyrics. But he didn’t hold back. Very nice mix of songs, with many extended solos that were probably to rest his voice.
    This was my 21st time seeing him and as usual, I was not disappointed.

  • Dire Straits fan avatar
    Dire Straits fan concert review for Dire Straits in Stadsschouwburg, Eindhoven on Fri, 20 Oct 1978

    Yes, I was there too!
    The early Dire Straits were at their purest with their refreshing sound.
    An unforgettable music performance in the intimate setting of a theatre.

  • Prince fan avatar
    Prince fan concert review for Prince in Eissporthalle, Frankfurt on Tue, 26 Aug 1986

    I was 19 years old. It was the best concert of my life . Prince.. the one and only … I would die for you - best Song ever
    Ellen from Germany

  • Dire Straits fan avatar
    Dire Straits fan concert review for Dire Straits in Arènes de Béziers, Béziers on Sun, 03 Jul 1983


  • George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic fan avatar
    George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic fan concert review for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic in Hot Tin Roof, Edgartown on Sun, 02 Jul 2006

    By far the best concert I've ever attended. Summer night, dancing, wall-to-wall people and lots of sweat.

  • Kreator fan avatar
    Kreator fan concert review for Kreator in Forum Melbourne, Melbourne on Wed, 14 Feb 2024

    Have been a Kreator fan for nearly 40 years. What i witnessed last night was mind blowing. I am too old to get in the mosh pit but i really wanted to! The most impressive thing last night was the sound quality, it was superb. The bass almost physically lifted you off the floor. Am nursing one hell of a hangover today, but it was all worth it. The best thrash concert i have been to. Yes i saw Metallica in the early days and have also seen Slayer several times. Once again, the presentation, the stage and sound quality was unbelievable. Well done to all involved, the Forum is an awesome place for gigs such as this. Please keep bringing gigs like this to your venue.

  • Kiss Corona fan avatar
    Kiss Corona fan concert review for Kiss Corona in Hit The Deck Festival 2011, Nottingham on Sun, 17 Apr 2011

    They were shit

  • Glass Tiger fan avatar
    Glass Tiger fan concert review for Glass Tiger in Calaway Park, Calgary on Fri, 18 Jul 1986

    Wonderful. My sister and I took our teenage kids to see. We went to Calaway park regularly as a summer break outing

  • The War and Treaty fan avatar
    The War and Treaty fan concert review for The War and Treaty in The Avett Brothers at the Beach 2022 festival, Riviera Maya on Thu, 27 Jan 2022

    This was my first exposure to The War and Treaty, and they put on a spectacular set… only enhanced by the sudden downpour from the Mexican beach heavens. They were all smiles, energy, and crowd interaction. Such a great way to kick off the At The Beach adventure. They also hung around for more of the festival and interacted with fans when out and about. Such amazing people with amazing hearts and talent.

  • Dan Reed Network fan avatar
    Dan Reed Network fan concert review for Dan Reed Network in Riverside 1, Newcastle Upon Tyne on Sun, 14 Jan 1990

    Great show. Remember they started with cruise together. Lots of flashing blue lights on stage. Dan's guitar was covered in denim I seem to remember. Superb and memorable gig bass and guitar sounded amazing alongside Dans vocals. still have my ticket to this day

  • El DeBarge fan avatar
    El DeBarge fan concert review for El DeBarge in Hyatt Regency Newport Beach, Newport Beach on Fri, 20 Oct 2023

    A disaster, our money should have been refunded.
    Avery Sunshine was a joy!

  • Marty Wilde fan avatar
    Marty Wilde fan concert review for Marty Wilde in The Lights Andover, Andover on Sat, 11 Nov 2023

    I was there and came over from Italy (where i live) not to miss the concert. Absolutely wonderful - so many memories

  • The Prodigy fan avatar
    The Prodigy fan concert review for The Prodigy in lollipop festival 1996, Tullinge on Fri, 26 Jul 1996

    It was amazing for me and my friend, first time at lollipop festival.
    My feiend had to big speakers in the basement and they explode of the bass in these beats 😄

  • Bob Marley fan avatar
    Bob Marley fan concert review for Bob Marley in Rolle College, Exmouth on Fri, 25 May 1973

    what’s up dog

  • Siouxsie and the Banshees fan avatar
    Siouxsie and the Banshees fan concert review for Siouxsie and the Banshees in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff on Tue, 25 Sep 1979

    Brilliant concert in which Robert Smith also played for Siouxie and the Banshees.

  • Paolo Nutini fan avatar
    Paolo Nutini fan concert review for Paolo Nutini in Royal Highland Showgrounds, Edinburgh on Thu, 31 Aug 2023

    I was there and it was a wonderful experience . I have seen Paolo several times . He has been brilliant every time. However, there was just something special about this night . There was magic in the air.

  • George Clinton fan avatar
    George Clinton fan concert review for George Clinton in Bottle & Cork, Dewey Beach on Wed, 14 Jul 2010

    Best P-Funk show I’ve ever seen. Blackbird, Clip, wish I knew who else was in the lineup, it was hard to keep track. One for the ages.

  • Everclear fan avatar
    Everclear fan concert review for Everclear in Benalla Racecourse, Benalla on Fri, 03 Apr 1998

    They played thanks to Triple J radio and it was a disaster. Benalla is a small country town and it was a hot day, a lot of drunks. I remember I think someone threw something onstage and the band left.
    Great days!

  • Tom Waits fan avatar
    Tom Waits fan concert review for Tom Waits in Concertgebouw De Vereeniging, Nijmegen on Tue, 05 Nov 1985

    One of the best shows I ever saw!
    Show was sold out and we tried to find tickets outside but didn't have any luck. Went to the box office and asked and they said there were no tickets available but we noticed a few people hanging around the ticket window so we waited. Right before show time they released some seats and we got two. Walked in and the usher took us to our seats - second row center. As soon as we sat down the show started.
    The show was incredible.

  • The Pogues fan avatar
    The Pogues fan concert review for The Pogues in West End Centre, Aldershot on Mon, 18 Mar 1985

    I attended this show, the first time I’d seen The Pogues. I was twelve days off my twenty-first birthday and six months into my training as a mental health nurse. As I recall the ticket was a birthday present from my friends, who I went to the gig with.
    What a riot! Everything I expected it to be and more. As I recall , I won a gallon of beer in a cat food eating competition, which supplemented our meagre spending money and enabled us to get pretty pissed. Spider gave me a swig from the half bottle he had… he’d given up playing and was sat on the edge of the stage.
    I bought a copy of ‘Red Roses for Me’ ,at the show, autographed by the band, which I still have. It remains one of my most prized possessions.
    Great to see the photos on your site.. brought back some memories. I saw the band a few more times, notably at Surrey Free Arts Festival, where they were joined by Joe Strummer (same year or’86) and Shane with The Popes at Leeds Heineken gig, Roundhay Park (possibly’92) singing ‘Good Golly, Miss Molly’ repeatedly until the plug was pulled!
    RIP Shane McGowan. Thank you for the music.
    George Atkinson, Leeds.

  • Mark Lettieri fan avatar
    Mark Lettieri fan concert review for Mark Lettieri in TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht on Sun, 21 Jan 2024

    Beautiful performance by Mark Lettieri together with Jason 'JT' Thomas (drums), Daniel Porter (keys) and Wes Stephensom (bass).
    Amazing skills from all band members. Varied set list, compact solid music without the frills.
    Great concert.
    Come again Mark.

  • Cameron Sanderson fan avatar
    Cameron Sanderson fan concert review for Cameron Sanderson in LePub, Newport on Wed, 13 Sep 2023

    Cameron Sanderson may not yet be a name that is nationally known, but such is the quality
    of his music and in particular live performances that he should be. He has, with his touring
    band, Chris Sims and Kera Stewart, developed a loyal niche following in pop and rock circles
    and to date has a catalogue of Independent single and EP releases and a number of YouTube
    So it was for that reason the music of this talented up and coming performer had this
    seasoned contributor of live reviews sufficiently enthused to hightail it down to Le Pub
    music venue in Newport , South Wales on a Wednesday night, to watch an eagerly
    anticipated set. And, I can confirm it was well worth the trip.
    There is clearly a feeling of anticipation and exuberance in the room for his first Headline
    tour. Then, Cameron makes a dramatic entrance from the back of the intimate venue like a
    boxer entering a ring to join bandmates Chris and Kera on stage. Without hardly pausing for
    breath, he launches into the emotionally charged conversational “In California”, and I am
    struck with reminiscences of the emotional lyrical realism present in many of the tracks of
    Indie bands of the 2000’s such as The Kooks or The Wombats. The music, though, sits firmly
    in the here and now with modern catchy melodies, up-tempo beats cleverly laced with rock
    riffs and dance pop elements.
    Other notable highlights in the 13 song setlist, include Deadzone with its distinct pop punk
    feel, the two tracks “ Get Well “ and “ Hurting Myself is so Fun” , that clearly allude to lived
    Mental Health issues and the title track of Cameron’s latest EP “ Neurotypical ”.
    Parts of the gig, especially at the start, were a very lively affair with Cameron and guitarist
    Chris relentlessly roaming the stage with seemingly boundless energy. The band were tight.
    The audience was clearly engaged. It was particularly enjoyable, as a contrast, to see
    Cameron leave the stage and serenade the crowd with acoustic guitar in the mid-section.
    Something that not a lot of artists do nowadays.
    Audience interaction, in fact proved to be a key element of the gig with there even being a
    mock award ceremony for the fans in line with the tour’s aptly named theme “ This is the
    Film ”.
    A fun moment came during a cover of Smash Mouth’s 1999 hit “ All Star” when a mystery
    member of the crew popped up on stage in a Shrek mask dancing in a way that would have
    given Bes from the Happy Mondays a run for his money. (For those younger enough not to
    know who the Happy Mondays are, please ask your Parents ).
    The latter part of the show saw a passionate performance of “ The Airport” - my personal
    favourite and the show wrapped up with “ What do you Want?” , a song that seemed to aptly
    encapsulate the anxiety and concerns of the Z generation.
    Make no mistake, Cameron Sanderson, his band and “the support crew” (essentially family
    and friends) have pulled out all the stops on the “ This is the Film ” tour to produce an ​
    original, lively, engaging and entertaining set that I would defy anyone of any demographic
    not to enjoy. Producing something of this calibre as an unsigned artist on a shoestring
    budget makes Sanderson seem only more impressive.
    My advice to all record labels and festival A & R scouts, is to get your butts down to a show
    – pronto. This artist and his band deserve your attention.
    Words and Review by Darren Lewis , live music blogger (aka Londongigger) & former live
    review contributor to Blues and Soul Magazine).

  • Testament fan avatar
    Testament fan concert review for Testament in The Vic Theatre, Chicago on Sun, 25 Mar 1990

    I remember Alex Skolnick's guitar audio cut out for about 15-20 seconds at this show during one of his solos. He kept playing as if nothing happened. Great show! I was a senior at Schuamburg High that year.

  • The La's fan avatar
    The La's fan concert review for The La's in Luxor, Cologne on Wed, 10 Apr 1991

    I was at this gig and very drunk. I do recall one of the band, either Lee or John sat cross legged on top of speakers at one point during the set. It was raw and it was The La's so what's not to like. Anyway, great venue that I visited on a few occasions during the 90's and have very fond memories of, including a rather embarassing episode back stage with The Charlatans in 1990........:D

  • Aswad fan avatar
    Aswad fan concert review for Aswad in The Venue, London on Sat, 31 Jul 1982

    I was there as were 2 members of the police and 1 from boomtown rats!!! Great night 😁

  • Bon Jovi fan avatar
    Bon Jovi fan concert review for Bon Jovi in Eastern Creek, Sydney on Sat, 18 Nov 1995

    That was an awesome concert... One thing I remembered, just before the concert start, it was ice rain so hard... My hand hurt to cover my head and my niece head...

  • Black Sabbath fan avatar
    Black Sabbath fan concert review for Black Sabbath in Coventry Theatre, Coventry on Tue, 30 May 1978

    It was my first heavy rock gig
    Amazing atmosphere and cov theatre rocked to the Oz.44 years ago what a gig
    Stuart little heath cov👍👍

  • The Byrds fan avatar
    The Byrds fan concert review for The Byrds in Turfschip, Breda on Sat, 22 May 1971

    It was my first big concert ever and it was amazing for me an 18 years old boy at that time.

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan fan avatar
    Stevie Ray Vaughan fan concert review for Stevie Ray Vaughan in FOELLINGER THEATRE, Fort Wayne on Wed, 25 Sep 1985

    SRV was great but I was really taken by the opening act, Johnny Copeland. Copeland was on fire!

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Reviews from concerts on 25 February

  • Rammstein
    Hala Tivoli - Ljubljana
    • i was listening outside in snow and forest near hall, great show :)
    one of the best one of the best fantastic
  • Gordon Lightfoot
    Gordon Lightfoot
    Front Row Theatre - Cleveland
    • BEST concert I have ever been to in my life!! On spot music and vocals PLUS a rotating stage! What a marvelous venue! And what an inspiration to me and my songwriting. I have written over 1200 songs all because of GL and his poetic and heart-filled music. Truly the greatest of all time.
    one of the best
  • Far Caspian
    Far Caspian
    Paradiso Noord, Tolhuistuin - Amsterdam
    • Great venue, great energy. Both bands did a fantastic job. Sadly the sound mixing was pretty bad. Drums and bass were way too loud and made it hard to hear the guitars and vocals. They improved a bit half way but not enough. The soft vocals we know from far caspian studio recordings were impossible to perform and had to become more of a yelling.
  • Nine Black Alps
    Nine Black Alps
    Manchester Academy - Manchester
    • It was a night that two of the most talked about “local” bands effectively joined forces and sold out the impressive Manchester Academy. Nine Black Alps and The Longcut, both formed in Manchester and therefore, now affectionately adopted as one of their own. The connection with the City, like the bond between them both, was one that had started a little while before this gig. Seeds sown and planted in the City Centre, Akoustik Anarkhy gave the Alps the platform to early life in the music scene and a subsequent amount of furore surrounded the early years… up to the release of their debut album, Everything Is in 2005. The Longcut followed similar paths…. pally with both Nine Black Alps and Akoustik Anarkhy, the bands often shared line ups with each other and although very different from each other in regards to musical styles, they remained closely associated with one another. With that said, both bands had an equally growing and passionate local following, with word spreading and the likes of NME also sniffing around, attention was only going to increase for both of them. This tour was headlined by Nine Black Alps, with the Longcut taking the support slot. The gig was a complete sell out and the build-up felt very much a sense of celebration of the city’s music scene. Two bands who were on the upward trajectory and are now selling out one of the bigger venues in Manchester. This gig was the final date on the hugely successful Alps tour and was the final opportunity for fans to catch them before they embarked on ventures across the pond in the US. The year 2006 was a puzzled place to be for music. Emo, Nu-rave and James Blunt were rife. That coupled with the biggest selling singles of the year….Daniel Powter (who), Sean Paul and Nelly Furtado…. It could be appreciated that for anyone to actually figure out where the Longcut or Nine Black Alps could fit in? But it was the opinion of most that it was the fact they didn’t fit in that made them who they were to us. Nine Black alps and The Longcut are as different to each other, as they were to most of the music at that time – and that was what made them so appealing The venue, Manchester Academy is a local institution. Forming part of the University Student Union….. Academy 1, 2 and 3 collectively make up the set-up with Academy 1 taking the title of the bigger of the three. Pre-gig, there aren’t many of bars as special as the one we chose to have a drop, and one any gig reveller should head to….. Big hands…. delicately tucked next near to the academy, a tiny, slim-line gem of a bar, immersed in musical folklore, a place also most likely to catch the performing bands pre or post gig. A few ales were sipped and we joined the queue for the gig. It was a busy one and having followed both bands for a while and seen them both before, it was a sense of pride, knowing that so many people were going to see the bands and support them and share what we believed was going to be an epic gig. We arrived a little later than planned, just catching the end of the first support band - Polytechnic, with queues at the bars several people deep. It was a priority of most to ensure the ales flowed in anticipation for the Longcut coming on….a support act pretty much everyone was here to see as much as the headliners. The venue was pretty inspiring. At the time, there was very little fuss or modern touch about it. It had an ability to feel vast and grand, yet still felt like it was one of those, smaller early shows that both bands played many time preceding this one. The Longcut, who although are largely instrumental with many tunes sporadically complimented with lyrics are a 3 piece band who abundantly create a mesmeric amount of sound. Riffs and drums dominate the tunes, masterfully creating a high tempo dance like beat, raging into chaotic crescendos. Live they are truly loud and spectacular. Fully justified to be a headliner in their own right, they give an accomplished and energetic performance. Stuart, Lee and Jon crafting their work and clearly loving every second of it too. The sound they create is stunning. Stuart mixes his piercing vocals and electronic beats with a swift jog to the drums, which in turn hits them with such power, there must be little left of the snare drums once the set is over. Playing a huge proportion of songs from their at the time, unreleased album – A Call and Response, many of the songs had already been made available or released as singles or on EP’s and gave us all the opportunity to experience them again in their dominant style. As a support goes, I have seen very few who can top what they did and only made to build up what was to come next even further. A short and well needed breather was welcomed…. that special gap between support and headliner gave the foundations just enough time to stop shaking. The core of the building and many of most in attendance had been smacked firmly head on, but although a shift in genre was to follow, there was no let-up in the power and noise. Nine Black Alps, led by front man, Sam Forrest on vocals and guitar… flanked by Dave Jones on guitar, James Galley on drums and Marin Cohen on Bass, they entered the stage to a huge ovation and immediately and with little fuss, blasted into their opening tracks that paved the way for a tirade of imposing guitar led grunge rock that was to follow. Huge tracks including Cosmopolitan, Shot Down and Just Friends are always a winner at a Nine Black Alps gig and they smashed them out, oozing with attitude and authority. There was barely chance to catch a breath in between songs…. it was loud, it was energetic and they delivered a performance that vindicated their early promise… through to the release of their wonderful debut album and to what felt like a hero’s welcome on this night. It was hugely evident the work that had gone into their performances. Technically gifted and beautifully created, their album… Everything Is… is only elevated when playing live. It is such a special exhibition of their collective talents and a platform that they deserved and one that us all in attendance could not fault. I am certain for those who may not have been fans before coming, will have left with a much clearer view of what they were all about and were immediately looking for the next opportunity to have the pleasure to see them once again. With all that, the set and night had to come to a close and once again, that feeling of celebration was evident as the masses spilled out onto Oxford Road, clutters of those screaming out the tunes and aiming for wherever the night took them. For us, it was the short wander back to Big Hands, to share the euphoria with fellow fans of the two bands and reminisce on what we had just witnessed. Writing this in 2023, both bands went onto release further albums and tour extensively. New projects and directions followed and although both bands remain with us….. however perhaps not taking centre stage at present…. my hope is that they are sitting back and waiting for the opportunity to create new music, play some live shows and give us some more of those amazing gigs as Nine Black Alps and The Longcut.

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