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Reviews from concerts on 28 September

  • Bullet for My Valentine
    Bullet for My Valentine
    Ulster Hall - Belfast
    • Amazing night, coldrain, while she sleeps and bullet were all amazing. Best concert I've ever been to
    one of the best
  • Swans
    La Maroquinerie - Paris
    • c'était énoooooooooooooooooooooooorme!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one of the best
  • Sinéad O'Connor
    Sinéad O'Connor
    Melkweg Rabozaal - Amsterdam
    • An amazing night... incredible voice.. passion and energy with lots of smiles from stage.... only missed hearing "nothing compares to you" which would have been icing on the cake... but a wonderful night :)
    • This woman ... is beyond amazing. Unique and utterly genuine. It is a very rare thing these days. I loved the performance, especially the more quiet songs ... we drove about 700 km from Germany to see her and the band and it was more than worth it!
    one of the best fantastic
  • Xandria
    The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco
    • Bands were amazing! Venue, not so much. Over-priced beer, sound was poorly balanced; guitars and vocals were drowned out by the thundering drums and bass. That can be fine if the band is playing as loud as they can to a very large crowd, and was thrash metal, but the crowd was small, and symphonic metal has a lot of emphasis on vocals as well as instruments that are not drums. Xandria had an amazing stage presence, and considering their discog, they should have had more playing time. I felt their time was much too short. Delain, I didn't much care for, but I had fun, and they played well. I also also distracted by the lead singers cleavage, especially when she was jumping. Sonata Arctica was another victim of sound balancing issues, but were also great, and very engaging with the crowd, especially when they played Fullmoon. Overall, great time, and I would definitely see them again.
  • Bob Mould
    Bob Mould
    The Roxy Theatre - West Hollywood
    • Last night at the Roxy was my 5th Bob show in the last couple weeks. The PUNK ROCK show last night is something I will never forget. It blew what is left of my mind. THANK YOU BOB!!! <3
    one of the best
  • Big Country
    Big Country
    Perth Concert Hall - Perth
    • Big Country were great, just a pity the crowd were a bit dull! That's Perth for ye!! We had a doss time! Cheerz :-)
  • ¡Mayday!
    Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor - Reno
    • It was an Absolutely Amazing Concert.
  • Kasabian
    9:30 Club - Washington
    • I went in not really knowing either band and I fell in love with both the opening act Bo Ningen and Kasabian. Fantastic, I loved the contrast between the two bands. What a superb way to spend a Sunday evening!
    • Kasabian was awesome. Bo Ningen was the worst, most inappropriately paired, opening act I've ever seen.
    • Awesome show!!! Amazing! Very fun!
    • Seen a lot of shows this season but Kasabian kicked them all! Energy level was insane in the club. The band was on point, but more importantly electrifying.
    one of the best one of the best great one of the best
  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    Queens Hall Edinburgh - Edinburgh
    • This gig was my first show, ever. Sophie was incredibly charming, adorable, unique and pure. Last night was amazing. Thank You, Sophie!
    • Tremendous
    • Sophie has delivered the best set of gigs in 2014, all absolutely fantastic.
    • Outstanding gig by Sophie
    • The best in the business. A magnificent performance
    • Astounding.
    • Brilliant.
    • Absolutely stunning performance once again. High energy perfection. Sophie delivers a magnificent note perfect performance. Such a lovely lady who always has time for her fans no matter what time she stays to.
    one of the best one of the best one of the best one of the best one of the best one of the best one of the best one of the best
  • Gordon Lightfoot
    Gordon Lightfoot
    City National Grove of Anaheim - Anaheim
    • While you're not going to hear the strong burr of a voice that he had in his "Sundown" days; you are going to watch one of North America's greatest songwriters strum his guitar to some of his best penned works. The years have slowed Gordon Lightfoot's rhythm down; however, it's still crisp, and he's still backed up with the Lightfoot band who doesn't miss a step. His new lead guitarist (Carter Lancaster) isn't quite as intense as the late Terry Clements; but Carter does "get down" when the song lets him (Listen to "Baby Step Back", and see if you don't agree!). Lightfoot is constantly re-tuning his guitars, and that's a good thing! It lets you know he's still a perfectionist; and wants to put as good a show as he can for the audience. Sprinkle in some humorous banter now and then, and you're in for a good time as you find yourself boppin' your head, and tapping your toes to his great songs. It's well worth your while to go if you can.
  • Rainbow
    Fyns Forum - Odense
    • The acoustic was awfull -thats why Ritchie stopped playing. He hates bad sound. People refused to leave. They wanted something for their money and started to rip off the gear. Suddenly a local motorcycle gang member jumped on the scene and kicked the pole that carried the light spots and it all fell down on the audince hurting a girl badly. The police came but people still refused to leave and the police backed off. Later police came again - this time with sheeperd dogs and people left nice and quiet. So sad.
    • Ritchie Blackmore was an ase that night (too). He played 45 minuttes and left the stage. Panic broke out, and sevarel people were injuried.
    disappointing should've stayed at home
  • Ben Howard
    Ben Howard
    Radio City Music Hall - New York (NYC)
    • I came from Montreal just to see the show but left feeling like the venue was too big for the kind of show they gave. Ben was barely blurring the lyrics out; Couldn't even hear India; the sound was not great at Radio City. I have definitely seen better graphics and light-enhanced shows at way smaller theatres. Most importantly, I can understand why, but I definitely didn't like that Ben would take "The fear" and turn it into a dark-noisy song. I love the fact that "I forget where we were" is a completely different sound than "Every Kingdom" and I think they achieved that brilliantly (Thanks also to Chris, or well both B Brothers), but why does he feel he should go back on his tracks and try to turn it around for the previous songs. I miss Chris but maybe Ben should just move forward with developing his sound whichever direction he is aiming for, but you won't get there by going back. "Every Kingdom" songs and all the songs in the EPs he released before were magical the way they were just as all the songs in "I forget where we were" are in their own way. His talents shine through them all but at the show I didn't see it. I feel sad because I have felt more excited about his shows watching the Youtube videos, than the one I actually got to go to. Ultimately, I understand if he is not the warmest person, but he sure could have at least greeted the crowd. He was just too cold for someone working in entertainment and I know he can crack silly jokes or funny sarcastic comments which would have been great. He just didn't look happy to be there. He's human I know, but it's part of the job as he knows by now. All together, Radio City hall was too big for such small AND SHORT show. I just wish I could go back in time and catch him at a small open mic kind of show. I'm sure he gave more back in those days.
    disappointing disappointing
  • Ricky Martin
    Ricky Martin
    El Paso County Coliseum - El Paso
    • Baile y me divertí mucho, un gran concierto sin duda alguna.
    • He never disappoints amazing concert.
    fantastic fantastic
  • Bolt Thrower
    Bolt Thrower
    Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg
    • Band was Amazing, but the Sound was not what i expected from a Band like Bolt Thrower. The sonic impact was great, but lacked clarity Morgoth had by far the better/clearer sound, at this night. Shit happens,... Bolt Thrower rocked the evening ! still loyal TJ
    • Heavy as fuck!
    one of the best fantastic
  • Erasure
    Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall - Munhall
    • opening band was good tho
  • Hawkwind
    City Hall - Salisbury
    • These guys just keep getting better, and the return of motorway city, sheer fucking class
    one of the best
  • Jo Dee Messina
    Jo Dee Messina
    Durham Fairgrounds - Durham
    • Amazing show! Great singer and all around entertainer! Can't wait to see her again!
    one of the best
  • Zodiac
    Freakout Club - Bologna
    • The concert was amazing! Love this band! We also personally met the members! Ty for the amazing experience!
  • Edguy
    Turbinenhalle - Oberhausen
    • Missed Starchild because of a traffic jam. Saw Unisonic. Performance of Kiske was stunning and amazing. He sang like he did on Helloween's "Keeper..."-records. Bad sound and a way too moderate setlist... Edguy were great. Sound better than Unisonic but surely not great. Visited Turbinenhalle often before and I never heard a good sound there. Anyway, Edguy delivered a great show with some highlights in the setlist (Out Of Vogue, Babylon). Heard some people moaning about Tobi and that he's always talking too much. He's the one who's responsable for 10 of 10 Edguy albums and he does what he wants to do. He's a midget but his balls are big enough to do what he considers right. I like that!
    • Starchild: not impressed. Unisonic: awesome. Edguy: left after half of the set, couldn't stand Sammet's chattering any longer. Temperature inside venue: near unbearably hot Sound: okayish, drums way too loud Worth the money for Unisonic alone, the rest was a disappointment.
    should've stayed at home great
  • GusGus
    O2 Ritz Manchester - Manchester
    • I have been listening to them on youtube and fell in love with their voices and their skills!it was amazing,unreal good and i would go to end of world to hear them live again!totally impresed and enchanted of their music
    one of the best
  • Madball
    Underworld - London
    one of the best