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The Monkees concert review

>The Monkees

PNC Pavilion in Cincinnati, US

Fri, 06 Jun 2014, 10 years ago

  • fantastic
  • Posted by: The Monkees fan
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So, i just saw The Monkees in concert for the first time. So what did i think about it? I hated it. it was horrible. Could've spent my money on watching fish swim and getting better enjoyment out of that. As Im sure you are all aware, I am joking. It was my new greatest moment of my life. I'm not overstating it. it was absolutely fantastic. I have no complaint with the concert itself or the fact they didn't meet anyone after the show was over. (Even tho i stayed an hour and a half after the concert. Still not mad.) They also had a few good surprises thrown into the mix. Esp the way they reworked songs like The Kind Of Girl I Could Love. Made it sound like a war dance number. They even sang every song from the soundtrack to Head. (Which isn't really hard since there's only 6 songs on it.) Davy was represented the whole night. Every video they played had Davy in it. And they even played the entire performance of Daddy's Song. They DID use the lesser soundtrack version of the song and not the more superior movie version. But once again no complaints. It was well done and gave Davy a solo performance. All the guys were in top notch shape. Mickey danced the whole night. He did a performance of Goin' Down that rivaled the recording. Peter now talks and sings in a higher register. But he still can sing his songs. Was really surprised he sung Can You Dig It. I know he wrote it but Mickey sang it on the album. He did a good job with it tho. And Mike? What can you say about Papa Nez? The man knows his stuff and does it well. Like i said, the concert was awesome. Well put together. I enjoyed myself tremendously. Extra bonus was the fact that everyone was nice. I met several Monkees fans and we had a great time talking about the group. (And I was really enjoying telling some fans things they didn't know about. And learning a few things as well. Yes. Head was released as Rated R on it's first theatrical release.) I have never been to a concert like that before. Where everyone was there to have a good time and to enjoy everything. The night ended with me and a couple of other fans hanging around the buses and quoting lines from Mel Brooks movies. Overall score: 5000% Awesome!

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