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Rick Springfield concert review

>Rick Springfield

Packard Music Hall in Warren, US

Thu, 26 Jun 2014, 10 years ago

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Rick was AWESOME!! He put on, as ALWAYS, one heck of a show!!!! Security on the other hand was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! We had 2nd row seats which by all general standards should be excellent seats as should any seat within the first 10 or so rows when there is a large space in between the first row and the stage and right before the concert started many of us had wonderful standing room spots by the stage until a couple of people in the front row started complaining because we were in their way to their friends who were security guards (one man made a point to tell me that they were his friends and that they WOULD move us and no one would stand by the stage except those in the first row). Now, logically everyone would have understood if they would have moved us to our seats and given all of those in the front row the chance to be AT the stage, that would have been fair, and THEN allowed us to go back up to the stage. That would have been fine. Instead we were told that the people in the front row had paid for the right to be at the stage over everyone else. NO, they did not. They got LUCKY enough to get 1st row seats but all of us in that area for the first 10 or whatever rows paid the exact same price for our tickets. I paid the same price for Orch 2, row B, seats 9 and 10 as did the people in Orch 2, row A, seats 9 and 10 and people in row H paid the same price that I did for row B. I had no issues with people behind me being in front of me or next to me when we were all up at the stage, we were there to have fun. We had security guards threatening us, swearing at us and over all just being super nasty to us. At one point I asked a security guard if he could hand Rick my friend's roses and he said no, pointed to the front row and said "only THOSE people paid for that right". and again, no they did NOT....they paid the same amount that my friends and I paid. Management was no better.. When my husband went to speak to them, during the concert, they were rude and nasty to him.

Now that we all know that ONLY the front row has the right to go to the stage during the concert at this venue there is NO POINT in going back if we cannot get front row. I know at least 100 people who won't go back there again and each of them, well, we all know the power of 10 rule (every 1 person tells 10 people and those 10 people, each of them tells 10 people). The venue sucks, the security sucks and quite honestly there is NOTHING that would get me and many others to go back there!

And those of us who have seen Rick Springfield multiple times in concert could tell that he sensed the tension, he put on a great show but the general energy and sense of fun was missing and it was evident that he thought that those in the first row had paid extra for that privilege and as a result didn't interact with them as much as he would have if the audience had been allowed to surge to the stage. He has a habit of skipping over the elite and he had no way of knowing that just those 30 or so people up at the stage were there because of the security and not because they paid for it. That was a shame for some of them who expected more interaction.

Fix your security guard issues or you will find that many people from all upcoming events will NOT be repeat customers and your business will fail (I know that new ownership has stepped in and will take full effect on 9/1).

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