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Type: person

Gender: female

Born: 30 Apr 1976 (45 years ago)

Born in: New York, US

Fan reviews: 7

  • Amanda Palmer fan
    Amanda Palmer fan about
    Belfast, UK on Sun, 14 Jun 2015

  • Amanda Palmer fan
    Amanda Palmer fan about
    Leeds, UK on Fri, 05 Jun 2015

    An amazing concert, Amanda had such a stage presence, everyone was focused on her.
    We laughed, we cried and had an amazing evening with Amanda Fucking Palmer

  • Amanda Palmer fan
    Amanda Palmer fan about
    Atlanta, US on Thu, 09 Apr 2015

    The least entertaining of the 5 of her shows that I've seen. Too much time spent on her pregnancy. It was like being at a 3hr baby shower with some singing thrown in.
    HIGHLIGHT: The story of her and Neil moving to Vegas.
    LOWLIGHT: Tie- Brock English babbling on about being bullied made me want to sock him in the ear. Equally as horrifying was the girl two rows in front of me picking at her back-acne for half of the night....

  • Amanda Palmer fan
    Amanda Palmer fan about
    Raleigh, US on Mon, 06 Apr 2015

    Fifth time I've seen her live. I've been blown away each time.

  • Amanda Palmer fan
    Amanda Palmer fan about
    Toronto, Canada on Tue, 25 Nov 2014

    Amanda was amazing.

    I think that you guys could just not let us freezing in the line waiting to enter the place. Come on, we all had already the tickets...

  • Amanda Palmer fan
    Amanda Palmer fan about
    Toronto, Canada on Tue, 25 Nov 2014

    *Body of Christ. Take the Fucking Flower*

    "I heard them (merch table peepoles) ask, 'and to whom would you like it made out to?', so I would assume that they're just taking names, and mailing out the books signed later...lets just go... it's getting late" I told the Queen. "Alright love" she said, cinching up her coat. We headed out to the cold, and made our way to the Bathurst tube.
    Stopping at the doors, and curving the topic of how EPIC the Amanda Fucking Palmer gig we just immersed ourselves in, the Queen asked one final time. "Are you SURE you don't wanna see if she doesn't come out to sign a few? I mean, I don't mind... we'll survive tomorrow, I'm sure..." I pondered a spell... "Yeeeea, fuckit, lets go back. Never know, right? Never know when we'll have this chance again."
    180'ing it BACK to Lee's Palace & braving the cold, we arrived, entering the venue to see there STILL a Sea of people, Holding AFP's new book 'The Art of Asking' & other Random paraphernalia & merch to be signed. "Well, she MUST still be here love" one of us said "but This shits gonna take FOREVER to get threw... lets just bounce"
    Turning to leave a SECOND time, and just passing the bathroom stairs, I recognized a familiar face "QUEEN! Wait!" I Turned back. There infront of me, clear as day, was Amanda's road manager and back up vocalist for the tune 'Delilah', Whitney Moses. (see video below of previous recording)... "My GAWD Grrl, thank you So much fer the song! You have a KILLAH set of pipes on you!" she smiled "You're Too Kind!" her already grinning face lit further. "Really tho", I said, patting my coat pockets "If I had something for you to sign, I would..." she patted her pockets, full of sharpies "Same" she said, with a touch of disappointment.. "well... you could sign my Tit, if you don't mind" I replied in a 1/2 joke... "SURE! Why not?" lol. In pure awe I raised my Coi Fish tee, in true fan boi fashion. Completing the signature I heard her remark "This one just had me sign his Tit" and behind me I heard "Oh, and what am I? Chopped Liver?"

    Half expecting some random fan grrl behind me, I came face to face with; AMANDA FUCKING PALMER!!!! CLEAR AS FRICKEN DAY IN A PINK SILK KOMONO! 'OMGOMGOMGOMG' my mind choked... A loss for werds. She seemed in a hurry, and I almost fainted. This poetic Gawdess I could NOT let slip by a touch untouched. "Amanda!" she turned, I reached out my hand, she took it... "I'm sorry to stop you, but, Thank You, SO MUCH!" she winked. "You're Very welcome, kind sir, thank you for coming"

    And that was it. As she proceeded to the hungry crowd of hopeful fans, this pon & Queen had achieved MORE than they could Ever had hoped to, and awayed finally for home. This was Greater than the donut from Eric Alper. This was Bigger than catching a partial rose from Courtney Love. This was more exciting than having the Queen on my shoulders 4-5 rows back from Matthew Good, as he sang 'In a Place of Lesser Men' in direct view of each other. Larger then the Welt on my bloodied skull during the Marilyn Manson show. Lastly, this was more Monumental than the LAST time AFP was in town, and I honestly & inadvertently graced her boob as she crowd surfed past, in a long VERY Large silkish cape. This was Part III, and the Grandest of Finales; of my 35th Birfday present, from the Queen.

    Now... Wolverine Figurine, Book of Mormon Tickets, AND ONE HELLUVA SWEET & INTERACTIVE Night with AMANDA FUCKING PALMER... HOW in a Gawdesses sweet name is one to top That?

    I have till May 26th. Wish me Luck. xo ;)~

  • jamesorcas
    jamesorcas about
    Minneapolis, US on Sun, 16 Nov 2014

    Wonderful evening with the artist.


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