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OK Go concert review

>OK Go

Fri, 01 May 2015, 8 years ago

House of Blues San Diego in San Diego, US

  • should've stayed at home
  • Posted by: OK Go fan
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OK go seemed to be a great band to see live, but I felt they were the complete opposite. I mean to begin with, they missed pereforming sever of their "good" songs live. But what really pissed me off was their energy, they literally were drowsy and half asset performing most their songs. Maybe it was that stupid big white cloth in front of them most of the (a stupid idea to begin with). I came their for the performance not a motion video, which would of been fine with the back projections. But they were in front of the band 70% of the time?! They made the concert really hard to connect with as the band members were all out of touch. The front man was very self centered and did not do justice to the band, he wasted a lot of time bantering with taking questions, epically when most of them were so stupid. We want to hear you play your music, not hear a batman superman debate dammit. Ridiculous! They relied on flash too much for their performance, and could of been resolved with having the raw performance. Their silly dance for a million ways during the encore was not really needed, iconic but honestly. I wanted to hear them perform it, not see them look like bafoons. They didn't even seem like they were having fun doing it. There was so much wrong with that performance, i'm giving too much credit even going on with complaints. They did perform writings on the wall pretty good and I enjoyed that. But that's all i'm giving them, but wait! There was a moment where the lead singer said no to someone asking to take a picture with them. Like really, is it because you're charging 150 dollars for a stupid backstage pass that you can't fufill all your fans wants? What a douchebag. Ok Go had a great opener though from Kitten, who's frontwoman had more energy than everyone performing that night. Who sold the show and I feel had the spotlight impressively. On a side note, the crowd was terrible also. You came there to have fun and get away from life, but so many of you were stiff and not dancing when it was time to dance! I came with too high of expectations, but i've seen hundreds of concerts and several that were at House of blues specifcally and I have never ever had such a bad expierence with a band. Get your shit together OK GO. Sciencerely a bittersweet fan