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On this day

13 July

  • Bowling for Soup

    Bowling for Soup @ Xfinity Theatre - Hartford, US

    • It wasn't long enough!
  • Scorpions

    Scorpions @ Hiram Bithorn Stadium - San Juan, Puerto Rico

    • I got to work on stage. It rained for part of the concert.
    One of the best!
  • New Kids on the Block

    New Kids on the Block @ Zappo's Theater at Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas, US

    • Concert was energetic and a lot of fun! I went three nights in a row and the guys did not disappoint, as were very entertaining! Blockhead since 1988!
    One of the best!
  • Queens of the Stone Age

    Queens of the Stone Age @ Palace Theatre - Albany, US

    • Awesome show! They sound great!
  • Filter

    Filter @ House of Blues - Old Location - Anaheim, US

    • Filter & Local H showed that real rock is not dead, specially in So Cal were rock radio is dead.
    One of the best!
  • Jo Dee Messina

    Jo Dee Messina @ The Soraya - Northridge, US

    • Jo Dee was so amazing last night and I'd recommend this venue for concerts. Small enough to feel intimate and the seats were very comfy. Sound was great too and as those who know Jo Dee will know she belts it out. Can't wait to see her again. The best concert I've been to in years. I'd love to bottle her energy!
    • Great concert!! Jo Dee was AWESOME and the venue was GREAT!!
  • Mötley Crüe

    Mötley Crüe @ BOK Center - Tulsa, US

    • Vince's voice isn't what it used to be. Probably the reason so many said his vocals weren't "turned up" loud enough. They all are still great showmen. Awesome to see the Cruecifly!
  • Trapt

    Trapt @ Vinyl Music Hall - Pensacola, US

    • I've been listening to Trapt since I was 15 when they released "Headstrong" and I must say, the concert was great!!! Awesome music all night!!! The energy was great, everyone was engaged!!! This was only my second big name concert and I'm definitely addicted!!! I was very surprised to see how quickly the crowd fizzled out, but hey, more room to dance, huh?! I think it was because it ran til close to midnight on a Sunday night. Come back to Pensacola soon!!! All of you guys!!!
    • Very disappointed with Trapt. The 3 bands that opened for them had way more energy. Shallow Side and the veer union was amazing. Trapt singer seemed to be out of his mind a little. Left half way through the show. Venue was great just disappointed in headliner.
    Should've stayed at home One of the best!
  • J Boog

    J Boog @ 19 Broadway - Fairfax, US

    • It was great band and i love Jboog but the venue is WAY too hot.
  • The Machine

    The Machine @ Ocean City Music Pier - Ocean City, US

    • Set list was awesome! I have been to a few shows and still get goosebumps. You look like you're having a great time and it comes through in the music. Can't wait until next time!

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    • anonymous

      anonymous about Pretenders in Chicago, US on Sat, 14 Apr 1984

      I was there on a road trip to Chicago while I was at UW Madison. Best concert I’ve ever been at, and I’ve seen Paul McCartney, the Stones, Sting, Peter Gabriel, The Who, etc...

        1 Reply
    • anonymous

      anonymous about INXS in Las Vegas, US on Fri, 05 Apr 1991

      An excellent concert back then. My dear friend and I made our way to the front few rows and had a great time standing on seats, waving and singing. Hutchings was on fire. One of my top five concerts of all time. Im 53 now. Xtina

        1 Reply
    • Aantazy

      Aantazy about Adam Ant in Las Vegas, US on Fri, 14 Sep 2012

      Just a really rewarding and surprising nights, at least for me it was!!!
      We got in early and waiting paid off!
      We were right in front of Adam!
      He is so beautiful!!
      The sound was great and the band was HOT!!
      The venue was fun!
      The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas!! If you like to ROCK it’s one of our favorites!!!
      I was so nervous!!! Elk that is until The man himself gave me a compliment! I thought he’s not talking to me! It must be the person behind me...but when I turned around, the guy behind me just lifted his eyebrows and said, “I think he was directing that statement to you!” We laughed and when I turned around I saw Adam nod.. unbelievable!!! I saw stars for days!!!! And let me tell you My night took off after That!!!!
      I loved how close you can get to the band!! It was amazingly FUN!!!

        1 Reply
    • Aantazy

      Aantazy about Adam Ant in Los Angeles, US on Sat, 20 Jul 2013

      Interesting venue. They were very well organized. The show was satisfying even though I don’t really favor the location. I took my friends and some family members along with my apartment manager.
      Adam delivered once again! We were a happy lot! Thanks Adam!!


        1 Reply
    • Aantazy

      Aantazy about Adam Ant in Los Angeles (LA), US on Thu, 13 Sep 2012

      I had promised myself I would never go to another Ant gig years ago, after having some really awful things happen in my life .... but you know what they say..”never say never!!”
      Well... now I just can’t stop going!!! The bug bite me once again, but this time he took a large chunk of my heart!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
      If you love to be entertained and love to dance have some beers or just look at some amazing musicians.. Adam Ant is the stop you want to make!!!!


        1 Reply
    • anonymous

      anonymous about The Clash in Vancouver, Canada on Thu, 31 May 1984

      I honestly don’t remember much but I recall the crowd pushing forward against the security and one of the Clash saying “C’mon, they can’t hold you all back”. The crowd overran the security and as the 3 frontline Clash mates played on the edge of the stage, the rest of the stage filled with 50+ dancing fans. It was controlled chaos.

        1 Reply
    • anonymous

      anonymous about Led Zeppelin in Landover, US on Mon, 10 Feb 1975

      Physical Graffitti tour - like Song Remains the Same movie, Jimmy with bow, double neck, theramin on Whole Lotta Love.
      Mounted riot police as un-ticketed fans broke out the Cap Centre glass, bloody heads, lots of weed.

        1 Reply
    • anonymous

      anonymous about Cage the Elephant in Milwaukee, US on Tue, 10 Dec 2019

      Didn't know much about these guys, I'm older than their demo, but got a free ticket and went to the show. OMG! An overwhelming experience for both sight and sound. Lead singer Matt Shultz must surely be the demon seed of Mick Jagger. Every rock fan, regardless of musical preference, must see Cage the Elephant at least once in their life.

        1 Reply
    • anonymous

      anonymous about Linda Ronstadt in Denver, US on Sun, 08 Aug 1976

      Linda performed between Pure Prairie League and The Eagles, on their first tour with new member Joe Walsh. Linda was fantastic. She played her hits and kept admonishing the crowd to stop shooting her with water guns. Really great show for all three bands.

        1 Reply
    • anonymous

      anonymous about The Allman Brothers Band in New Orleans, US on Sat, 30 Aug 1975

      Two of us drove down from the Mississippi delta on a Sunday afternoon and the concert started at 4:00. The crowd got so large that it was shoulder to shoulder and they announced that it was over 100,000 and a new Guinness World record for a building. Everyone was smoking weed and hash and even came up on the big screen that they were selling Colombian weed and zig zag rolling papers at concession stand #4. Only in New Orleans and the law did not mess with anyone and were actually very nice. The only bad thing I saw was a guy on the mezzanine level yell that he could fly and did a swan dive over the rail. I don’t know if he made it or not. All the bands were great and the Allman brothers pulled right up to stage with Cher being the first out of the limo. They took the stage but could not play for about thirty minutes but once they got going it was Great!

        0 Reply
    • anonymous

      anonymous about Lou Reed in Chicago, US on Fri, 16 May 1975

      ok, boomer
      was middle of spring quarter of junior year at N.U.
      a friend & i decided that Friday afternoon
      (evening?) to go see Lou. don't remember which friend,,,& it might have been two issues getting there from Evanston. bought tickets
      (balcony) at the box office. don't remember co$t. ballroom wasn't 100% full - - maybe 80 - 85%

      fantastic show! seems like there was opening act but can't remember which. there was a lot of MDA in Evanston that spring so strong chance we had dosed pre-show

      White light/white heat;;; i don't remember the order of songs but Satellite of Love,,,Perfect Day;;;I'm waiting for the Man;;;Walk on the Wild Side all incluided. and a looooooooong version of Sweet Jane. what sticks out distinctly was Lou Reed collapsing on stage mid-song,,mid-show. coupla three roadies came out & carried Lou off stage two songs later,,,(might have been 1.5) he came back onstage energetic as all get out. figured at the time that they shot him up with _ _ _ _ _ or perhaps a cocktail of - - - - - and _ _ _ _ _ __

      anyway a footnote. Lou was great,,,may he R.I.P.,,,,,show was great. in past 44 years it has occurred to me whole collapsing thing was a "publicity stunt."

      thanks, safe journeys

        1 Reply
    • anonymous

      anonymous about Thomas Oliver in London, UK on Sun, 08 Mar 2020

      Warm up act Matt Perriment was good, loved the Cello, as it's my fave instrument! Place was pretty empty when warm up act was on, but soon filled up for headline act. Great gig, mix of old and newer stuff, amazing band too! Each had their turn to shine, drummer and guitarist being my personal faves. Sooo good to have the DnB versions of a few faves too. Left with a big smile on my face, even though it was school night! :)

        0 Reply
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