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On this day

29 November

  • Prince
    Prince @ Western Place - Burleson, US
    • I'll never forget it! Fell hard for him and love him to this day.
    One of the best!
  • Selah Sue
    Selah Sue @ L'Aéronef - Lille, France
    • My first Selah concert. Not the best one because of someone disturbing in the crowd, but the one who let me know her crazy vibes... Best ones coming in 2012 ! xxx
  • U2
    U2 @ Saitama Super Arena / さいたまスーパーアリーナ - Saitama, Japan
    • very very good show!!!
  • Orgy
    Orgy @ The Fleece - Bristol, UK
    • Great energy on stage. Good mix of old and new tracks - particularly liked one of the new tracks being played btw! The Blue Monday ending was fabulous!
    One of the best! Amazing
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ SNHU Arena - Manchester, US
    • 3pm show in Ontario was fantastic. Vocalists voices were great but they had to shout the song to be heard over the music. Light show was out of this world. Better than any Las Vegas show I have seen!
    • Another great show by TSO. Had floor seats this year and was a whole new perspective of the spectacle that we enjoyed immensely. The vocalist were awe inspiring and the band finely tuned. My favorite show of the year!
    One of the best! One of the best!
  • Letz Zep
    Letz Zep @ Rockhal Main Hall - Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg
    • Was a good concert, unfortunalety we couldn't hear Andy's guitar perfect and also the snare from Drummer ...... sometimes it was good sometimes really poor ..... maybe the sound technician was sleeping during the 1st half of the concert!!
  • L'ame Immortelle
    L'ame Immortelle @ Reithalle - Dresden, Germany
    • LAI was perfect as expected. Called 3 times back, came 3 times back on stage. Perfect setlist, represented the multiple sides of the group very well. A little disappointes by the first parts though; Esoterik is not bad, they have a strong presence, good music, but you have to like the voice of the singer, which is particular and not to everyone's taste. K-Bereit... Well no, I was not convinced; there is work in the programming, but it seems to always be the same every 2 songs, and I found the voice of the singer did not fit the music at all. I won't talk about the lyrics, because I couldn't get much of them. Well, all in all, amazing night, good performers, good audience, I would recommend it!
  • From The Jam
    From The Jam @ The Grand - Clitheroe, UK
    • First time seen from the jam came to see my nephew in the transmiters (martin) wasent disapointed both bands wher fantastic cant wait to see you together again
  • Mono
    Mono @ Loppen - Copenhagen, Denmark
    • Fantastic show by Mono, as usual
    • fenomenal!
    One of the best!
  • John Garcia
    John Garcia @ Le Ferrailleur - Nantes, France
    • Best gig I've seen in a while. Thanks for everything. Kyuss lives !!!!!
    • Fucking stoner sounds ! ouch !!!!
    • Awesome concert! Great audience, venue packed and craving for this show, the sound was perfect!
    Amazing Amazing Amazing

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