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Switchfoot concert review


Sun, 12 Oct 2014, 9 years ago

Canton Palace Theater in Canton, US

  • great
  • Posted by: Switchfoot fan
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It was great, but some of the security guards were a little, uh, less than cordial. They did a lot of screaming and while in the beginning I tried to convince myself they were just doing their jobs, one of them was just down right mean and he didn't have to be. Dont get me wrong. I know that there are fire codes, and rules and reasons for rules, but the line between up holding those rules, and common courtesy is a wide one, and the fact that one guard crossed all of that was awful.There were several instances where this person's actions would have gotten me fired and I do the same thing. It got to the point where I was being stepped on a piled on top of and wouldn't move because every time I did, just to get out of the way of being squashed, and never meaning to remain where I landed, I would get yelled at to get back to where I was "allowed" to stand. A little girl, returning a sign to the kid who dropped it, was yelled at for moving. Now Im not saying all of them were mean and nasty. There was a woman, who was a security guard, sitting next to me who was very nice and kind, she was doing her job well, and she kept the crowd back like she was told, but when a kid dropped his hat on his way back to his seat because he was told he couldn't stand where he was by the same security guard mentioned above (which by the way was a spot with no one in it) she allowed him to come a get his hat and return to his seat. Before he could even reach it, the same guy was screaming all over again and yelled at her. It was the most unfair thing I have ever seen. The concert was great. The music was great. I love Switchfoot, but this may have been one of my least favorite concerts because of the guy screaming the entire time, and the indecency at which he thought he could treat other people. It became less about being firm in the job, and more about being human. This guy barked at people like dogs and gave commands in just the same way. I wish I could have said something to the girl who was just trying to be nice and return the sign, but the moment I turned around to see what was happening, I was yelled at. I am in no way angry with him. He may have been having a bad day, but he took it out on everyone around him and feelings were hurt. I felt really bad for all of the people who got yelled at, but it was obvious this guy either didnt see it, or didnt care.
I guess at that point all you can do is pray for him.
The music was perfection.
The venue was great, the band was too, so maybe I should look past that. Bravo Switchfoot. Can't wait to see you all again.

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