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Underworld concert review


Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, UK

Thu, 12 Mar 2015, 9 years ago

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Underworld The Royal Concert Hall Glasgow.
Thursday 12th March 2014.

It had been an ace day, Glastonbury Confirmation and the company of two beautiful ladies. I started my make up at about 2.30pm and my beautiful visitors left at about 3pm. I was ready and out the door by 4pm. It was pissing it down, so I jumped on the 41, luckily I had my magic rainbow umbrella so the rain was nae worrying me too much. I walked briskly to St Andrews Bus Station and jumped on the 900 to Glasgow. Now this is when the next nice thing of the day happened. The Return Bus Fare has gone down in price, from £11 to £6. How amazing is that, it did take two hours though. I was fare chomping at the bit, when the bus pulled into Buchanan St The Royal Concert Hall is only over the road from the bus station, I was already 30mins late and praying that Neill Clark was waiting with the Golden Ticket. He was Phew!! I love making new friends. GoodTime!

I put my my sexy black leather coat and magik rainbow umbrella in the cloak room (Only 50p) Grabbed an ice cream and a packet of crisps and headed into the concert hall, via the Pianos that are still there, perfectly tuned and ready to play. I played gracefully picking up the rhythm to a foot tapper. I got to the dance floor just in time to work it baby. The excitement was building.

Underworlds Dubnobaswithmyhead man. Has been part of my life for 22 years now, it still thrills me now, as much as the first time that I heard it. It was in Hebden Bridge when its rich electronic textures and perfect dance beats first hooked me. Dubnobaswithmyheadman has been a loyal friend for a long time and have always loved finding remix's from that album. Its possibly the best ever recorded electronic dance album of all time.I invested in the 5 CD reissue just before Christmas. So for Divine, this was quite a big thing.

Visually it was nae rock n roll in a traditional sense and all the music came from a big black box of tricks operated by Darren Price, Darren Emerson's replacement and arguably the star of the show. Karl Hyde delivered the vocals and the whole album was replicated to perfection. The sound was fantastic and the sold out Royal Concert Hall erupted. Everyone was dancing. Because I have listened to the subject matter on lots of different sound systems before. It was the simple nuances and electronic detail that somehow enriched the overall musical painting.

It was banging and it was brilliant, the music was the star of the show. Karl Hyde has about as much Rock N Roll swagger as a bus conductor. Rick Smith was working the P.A and couldn't be seen at all Darren Price, produced the magic from his box of tricks with technology far beyond the understanding of Divine. It left me with lots of questions. Why were the Piano parts not live? How is it possible? What is the miraculous sound producing thing that can sound like a full band that works with minimum interaction.

The show closed with the encore Born Slippy Nuxx. The only tune of the night not from Dubnobaswithmyheadman. But it was a fine note to end on as it was the tune that propelled Underworld to mainstream success and a taster for the Delux Treatment of 2nd Toughest In The Infants.

Dubnobasswithmyheadman live for the first time since it was recorded. Was it a success? yes. 5 stars.

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