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  • London, UK on Sun, 07 Jul 2019

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    Bryan Ferry was superb on Sunday at Hyde Park: my son summed him up, 'this guy is so cool'. He is and he really has still got it, belting out great old Roxy Music numbers in addition to his later solo songs. To be honest he eclipsed Barbra: she was magnificent when singing but spent too much time gushing about England, her dogs, her career, saving the world blah, blah, blah - one felt like shouting, 'Shut up Babs and just sing'. Bryan, respecting his audience , did just that - still as great as he was when I last saw him 17 years ago.

  • Brighton, UK on Wed, 07 Oct 2015

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    A slick , smart and thoroughly enjoyable experience which gave the feeling of being in a far mor intimate setting than we were. We came away uplifted having been entertained by one of pops legends. Thank you Mr Ferry and his hugely talented team

  • Blackpool, UK on Sat, 30 May 2015

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    Awesome performance by Mr Ferry and the band in Blackpool. Feel so lucky to have been there. Great night!

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    Bran Ferry and the Band rolling back the years!!!
    The Opera House was Rocking!!!
    Best live performance I've seen for many a year!!!!

  • Harrogate, UK on Sat, 23 May 2015

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    This was my 10th Bryan concert and was so looking forward to it. However, we managed to get to front of stage for 2nd half of concert and the sound was just awful, you could barely hear Bryan's voice despite being so close it was almost as if he was miming or his microphone not working? I felt there was something missing this time and wondered if Bryan was ill as he did not have his usual spark? Would prefer more lively tracks and enjoyed the last 20 mins so much more than first part of concert, backdrop of staging was dark throughout and don't feel the stage was perhaps big enough? Sorry for all this negativity but feel a bit cheated when we paid £72 per ticket! I also hear he did 3 less songs at Harrogate than other venues and show finished earlier than advertised which again is not good. I never thought I would say this as been a fan for over 40 years but don't think I will pay to see him again sorry!!

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    I disagree with the above post I too was at the front and I think the mix of old and new was just right sound is distorted at the front yes I agree with that but I felt Bryan put his heart and soul into his performance last night. I first saw Bryan in 1974 and have also seen him around 10 times. I thought he seemed far more relaxed last night than he did on the tour with the Bryan Ferry orchestra which I saw in Sheffield in November 2013.

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    We went as vip's (Paid extra) we both felt Bryan enjoyed the whole occasion
    The mix of old and new was great and although sat on the second row with a great view , the people who ran to the front enjoyed it, the odd drunk person did tarnish it for me . But the support, and of coarse Mr Ferry's voodoo made up , a great time roll on Blackpool for our second sitting

  • Birmingham, UK on Wed, 20 May 2015

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    Amazing show, Bryan on great form, looked like he was having a good time too. Stronger Through The Years and Beauty Queen being the highlights for me.

  • Manchester, UK on Mon, 18 May 2015

  • Bryan Ferry fan
    Bryan Ferry fan

    Great night, Bryan on form and clearly enjoying himself, especially in the 2nd half when he was truly on fire. First half was slower and included quite a few songs from Avonmore, as expected. Second half was faster paced, and included a number of Roxy songs, Encore was outstanding. You'd never guess Bryan was just four months from being 70, he's most definitely still 'got it'.

  • Paul.s

    A life long Roxy Music / Bryan Ferry fan ( first concert Preston 1972)
    I was more than a little looking forward to this tour, it may be the last time Bryan tours?
    Good support act engaged with the audience ands was quite funny. then enter Mr Ferry, opening with two tracks from Avonmore only to be expected then straight into Ladytron and Beauty Queen Roxy classics setting the scene for a promising night just what the audience who mostly have grown up with Roxy and Ferry wanted,Then more Ferry solo work from Avalon,on to two Bob Dylan covers Dream ,a track the Dylan and true Ferry fans might have heard before most I thought didn't recognise it and Bryans diction / sound made it difficult to hear the lovely words the second Dylan was a classic rendering of Don't think twice .superb,Then a couple of Ferry classics Slave to love and Smoke gets in your eyes again crowd pleasers. Then in my opinion the set was let down with the inclusion of Zamba from my least fav album Bete Noire straight into stronger through the years from Manifesto again in my opinion something like Trash or Manifesto would have kept the crowd on a high.Back to Avalon and Avonmore and another track from Bete Noire. all these songs were sung at an amazing pace and it would have been nice for some interaction from Mr Ferry apart from the usual Good to be in Manchester and musician introductions.
    Then in the second half the show started .....
    Love is the Drug, Do the Strand,Lets stick together, Virginia Plain, editions of you ... Just what the audience wanted and you could see that Bryan was enjoying singing theses classics he seemed mush more relaxed loving the adoration , winding down to finish with jealous Guy. I have to remember that Mr Ferry is almost 70 and bearing that in mind he was remarkable and I enjoyed 85% of the show, he still has charm and style and I am please that I got the chance to see him again performing some classics from his vast collection of songs and I did enjoy the show
    I have tried to be honest in my review and not let the fact that it s Bryan Ferry cloud my review :)


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