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  • Life Festival Oświęcim 2014, Poland on Sat, 28 Jun 2014

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    Perfection :)

  • Life Festival Oświęcim 2014, Poland on Thu, 26 Jun 2014

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    Very short concert, we missed a word such as "Good evening" or "Hi".

  • Leeds, UK on Sun, 22 Jun 2014

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    Great venue, great concert, but I just thought it ended a bit abruptly. Another couple of songs for the encore would have been good.

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    really disappointed with EC no interaction with the audience never said good evening, good night, thanks for coming ,didn't introduce the band NOTHING , good to see Paul Carrack and Andy Fairweather Lowe

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    Such high hopes for such a legend however he appeared to be on auto pilot and although technically good had no stage interaction with either the audience or his band of musicians. A go through the motions, take the money, not even a thank you and move to the next venue. Less than 90 minutes and an encore where Paul Carrack did the vocals. £68 for a jam session. A big rip off Eric!!

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    clapton technically brilliant: but you would hope so wouldn't you, especially when he was playing songs he can play in a coma.
    I hesitate to say that Clapton did in fact seem comatose, that would be crass. But he showed no passion for the music and no interest in the thousands of people who had paid a lot of money not just to see him but to pay homage to him as indeed I, a fan for fifty years, was doing.
    Rock and the blues is supposed to be visceral. It's supposed to hit you in the belly until it hurts, but you want some more,worm its way into your brain until you go crackers from exultation, joy, anger and that old stand by passion.
    I felt I had a right to expect that. We saw signs of it from Paul Carrack's contribution. He showed it was possible to play well worn material as if you mean it, and from Chris Stainton.
    Things were made far worse by the quality and quantity of the sound
    . I've rocked out more mooching round the supermarket to the musak

    I didn't want to go home with my ears bleeding but this is supposed to be rock and roll

  • Glasgow, UK on Sat, 21 Jun 2014

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    I thought EC looked totally disinterested right from the start. It took him over half an hour to say hello to the audience and that was the only interaction he had with them all night. On the plus side his guitar playing was immaculate as ever and I particularly enjoyed his acoustic set, with a definite hint of emotion coming through during 'Tears in heaven', understandably so. However any good points were lost when left the stage in a strop over a feedback issue. A really poor ending to an overall fairly disappointing concert.

  • Sconna1972

    As this is the 2nd time I have saw Clapton live, I expected to be in for a treat. well his guitar skills never failed they never do. Its a shame hes so moody because he spoiled an other wise great night with his strop. From where we were sitting the sound was good. I took my 3 kids to see him and 9,000 + other fans payed £60 plus for their tickets ... I'm sure he will enjoy all of our hard earned cash ... no signs of even a partial refund for a partial concert.

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    I can only guess that the technical issues became unbearable. Eric stormed off as though he was in a recording studio and things were not going well, ....did he forget that there were approx. 7000 paying customers cheering and clapping; until he just walked away. He may just have walked off stage but the ramifications are probably just becoming apparent. Can he ever play Glasgow again or should he hang up his guitar, and I've been a fan for 25 years.

  • Eric Clapton fan
    Eric Clapton fan

    Disgusted doesn't even cover how I feel, I have been a Clapton fan all my life.
    My husband and I decided we would take our teenage children to see him they are (13 15 and 17) as you can imagine 5 tickets are not cheap, we chose Clapton so that their first ever concert would be one to remember.
    Well I'm sure they will NEVER forget!


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