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Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan

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Gender: male

Born: 24 May 1941 (80 years ago)

Born in: Duluth, US

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  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Landover, US on Wed, 16 Jan 1974

    with The Band - just like The Last Waltz. Aerosmith as backup band. My first concert.

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Atlanta, US on Wed, 05 Feb 1964

    It was a great experience. Some friends and I drove to Atlanta from Auburn University. The songs were mainly from the Freewheeling album. I was surprised at how much feeling he could convey with his voice using guitar chords that everyone knew. After the performance, he stayed to talk with members of the audience. I believe his brother was with him and there was a striking resemblance . Dylan said that his next stop would be New Orleans. Another thing was that he had a spoon capo which he said that he made when he had no money.
    I don`t think he actually used it to play though. Maybe it was a warmup routine. I would rate it a 10.
    April 22, 2019

  • gemmamipi
    gemmamipi about Escalarre, Spain on Sat, 11 Jul 1998

    Doctor Music Festival
    dia anterior: Undrop - Mojinos Escozíos
    Pulp - Garbage - Lídia Pujol i Sílvia Comes - Daniel y la Quartet de Baño Band - Bob Dylan - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Lax'n'Busto - Deep Purple - Iggy Pop - Richie Sambora - Dave Matthews Band -

  • ThomasBay
    ThomasBay about Aarhus, Denmark on Sat, 15 Jun 1996

    It was a great concert. It wasn't crowded so you could get up in front of the scene easily. He played fabulous!

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Honolulu, US on Sat, 01 Aug 1964

    I had finished my Junior year in high school in 1964 when I attended the Aug 1, 1964 Bob Dylan concert at the Waikiki Shell. My girlfriend and I had the cheapest tickets, cs. $2.75 each, and we're sitting in the grass a light rain started falling and there weren't many people at the concert, so Bob Dylan told us all to come down closer. Thus, we got to sit in the spprox 2nd row right in front of Dylan he had on a buckskin jacket and his harmonica on a stand around his neck. It was a wonderful concert which I have never forgotten. I bought all his albums from those years and many years later bought the CDs. My son texted me from the East Coast early this morning to tell me the great news about Dylan receiving the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. I was "stoked" as we would have said in 1964 Honolulu. It is richly deserved! Way to go, Bobby!

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Worcester, US on Sat, 16 Oct 1965

    I was at this concert ..... The first set was all acoustic and then after intermission, Dylan came back with THE BAND ... It was amazing !! More than half the audience left because they were die-hard folkies and thought that he had sold out for going electric. Man they MISSED OUT !!!

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Minneapolis, US on Fri, 05 Nov 1965

    Probably the best concert I've ever been to. It was like two concerts in one. The first part Dylan played solo for better than an hour. No introduction or nothing said between songs. He left the stage, and some of the audience left too. I don't know if they thought it was over, or were protesting his move to electric. He returned shortly with his band and rocked on for again over an hour. Encore was Positively Fourth Street followed by Like A Rolling Stone. He sounded great that night, and I knew then (I was only 17) that he was truly a musical force .

  • gemmamipi
    gemmamipi about Escalarre, Spain on Sat, 11 Jul 1998

    1. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
    2. Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)
    3. Cold Irons Bound
    4. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
    5. Can't Wait
    6. Silvio
    7. Little Sadie ([traditional] cover) (Acoustic)
    8. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Acoustic)
    9. Tangled Up in Blue (Acoustic)
    10. Forever Young (Acoustic)
    11. Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
    12. I Shall Be Released
    13. Highway 61 Revisited
    14. Love Sick
    15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
    16. Blowin' in the Wind (Acoustic)

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Wilkes-barre, US on Fri, 15 Nov 1991

    This was my first Dylan concert and I was probably too young, 15, to really appreciate what he was doing at the time. Dylan was in a hurry in the early 90's and true to from he played most songs differently than how the songs appeared on the his albums. And he played them fast. Every once in while I would catch a lyric and know what song it was. Again, I was too young to understand it and I left a little confused as to what I just saw. At 15 I just knew that it was cool even if I didn't get it. I'd like to listen to the set with a new set of ears now that it has been 25 years.

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Amsterdam, Netherlands on Sat, 07 Nov 2015

    Dylan was at his best! His voice was wonderful, so clear, and the band was great. The setlist was a perfect mix of Shadows, Tempest and other new albums, with a few old songs. Dylan seemed to be amused and he did this funny walks on stage, made me laugh.

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Southampton, UK on Fri, 30 Oct 2015

    Brilliant concert.Dylan is on form again and now has the best band since "The Band" in my opinion :)

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Oslo, Norway on Thu, 01 Oct 2015

    Så bra! Fantastic!!

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Los Angeles (LA), US on Sun, 06 Dec 1964

    I attended this concert with my brother John and roommate Don . Bob did his acoustical "Freewheeling" stuff in the first half and brought electrical backup in the second half. About 40% of the audience bailed in disgust at that point, and we moved up from the back seats to row 2.
    My brother doesn't remember this the seminal moment, and thinks I am making this up. It says on the internet that Dylan did not go electric for another 6 months ,and ,as everyone knows, if it is on the internet ,it must be true.
    If anyone who was there reads this, or can ask Bob to back me up, please drop me an email .It was an amazing concert. Bob Dylan really Rocked for maybe the first time publicly !

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Ljubljana, Slovenia on Thu, 25 Jun 2015

    I was half-expecting the electric piano and Jesus poses, but what I got was a stellar performance. He didn't play too many of his hits, but it's Dylan, and he can do whatever he wants; a lot of the tracks had this standards-type feel to them, but that was fine by me, the performances were good and the artist himself managed quite well. All in all, it was Dylan, so I would probably still be in awe even if the concert was bad, but it turned out to be great.

  • Bob Dylan fan
    Bob Dylan fan about Mainz, Germany on Sat, 20 Jun 2015

    The Mainz concert was nice but it didn't have many highlights. I understand Bob doesn't want to replay all the old songs all of the time, but a few more of those would really have been nice, especially in the encore!


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