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  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about Denver, US on Sun, 18 Jul 1976

    I was there. This was my third concert ever. I sat way back in the bleechers and it was rather chaotic. It was an all-day event with Santana and The Beach Boys in the line up. Tickets were cheap, like $ 5 or $ 6. Quite an event....

    • Ben Wolf
      Ben Wolf

      I was there, too ! In the bleachers. It was a long day, hot but the music was great. 45 years ago... Lord have mercy. Santana was awesome.

  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about Melbourne, Australia on Sun, 13 Nov 1977

    Went to this concert as a teenager. Big crowd, huge bands. Great day out. Almost impossible to get back to the buses and then back to Melbourne on the single lane road after the concert.

  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about Brisbane, Australia on Fri, 07 Mar 1980

    this was one of the most wonderful nights of my life! i had recently come to australia as an exchange student, and at my going away party in the states, i was given the just released 'tusk'. we had a wonderful time, but i don't know how it came together for the band! Stevie was carried onstage because she was so drunk, but she pulled it together eventually. Christine Mcvie arrived very late and was carried onto the stage where she was held upright for a little while. i don't know if she ever pulled it together. regardless, i was 16 and me and my posse were right in front of the center stage where we danced like mad for the entire night. sometimes i cry remembering how happy we all were back then.

  • Kernow1
    Kernow1 about Leeds, UK on Tue, 30 Jun 2015

    Wow.....what a cracking gig....Thanks Fleetwood Mac and Leeds First Direct Arena.....the whole place rocked!!!! It was great to see them all back together again.....loved every minute of it....

  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about Leeds, UK on Tue, 30 Jun 2015

    WOW!!!! What a night. A fantastic set and they still know how to rock the place
    The Mac is most defiantly back!!!

  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about London, UK on Sat, 27 Jun 2015

    This was my third time seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert, but the first time reunited with Christine McVie. They played brilliantly and still seemed to have so much energy.

    My only negative was with the sound quality. The mix had Mick Fleetwood's drums way too loud, completely drowning out John McVie's bass and the backing singers/instrumentalists.

  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about Amsterdam, Netherlands on Sun, 31 May 2015

    Just incredibly perfect. I missed "tango in the night" and "seven wonders" but it was amazing anyway.

  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about Houston, US on Tue, 03 Mar 2015

    I loved the concert. It surprised me how many songs I knew -- but I loved the fact that the live versions were not necessarily the same as the album versions. Fantastic! In addition, the band was really energetic and electrified!!

  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about Providence, US on Wed, 28 Jan 2015

    Drove 1.5 hrs to see them this time. Saw them 35+ yrs ago during their Rumors tour. This tour surpassed it by far!! Loved it.

  • Fleetwood Mac fan
    Fleetwood Mac fan about Providence, US on Wed, 28 Jan 2015

    They were fantastic and so full of energy and excitement. It was a privilege to be there last night. What an experience!!


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