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Type: group

Founded: 1968 (52 years ago)

Founded in: London, UK

Fan reviews: 14

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Seattle, US on Wed, 17 Jul 2002

    It’s 19 years later and I still have the same excitement that I did back then. They were in top form. Jon forgot some lyrics to a song and just made a self mocking bow. It’s was hilarious. The only drawback was an overzealous security guard. He took my brother’s disposable camera and ripped out the film. Funny that he didn’t do the same to a blonde girl who used a flash with her phone camera. Still, it was a concert that will remain in fond memory.

  • Snookerjulian
    Snookerjulian about
    Sheffield, UK on Tue, 03 May 2016

    Well I went to the Yes gig last night in Sheffield, with some trepidation I might add as it's my first without Anderson and Squire and first with Downes (I had seen them a few times with Wakeman and a different keys player whose surname I forget, first name Igor if memory serves)

    I've never been one for insisting on the original personnel, it's more about how the music makes me feel in the moment and it's execution.

    I was ready to be critical but to be honest it exceeded expectation, Davison is a fine vocalist though in contrast he makes Anderson sound masculine. Billy Sherwood, who from a distance now resembles Chris Squire, isn't quite the vocalist Squire was and the presence of his bass on the more ornate parts were lacking but his interpretations of the main functional parts were fine. There were a few shaky bits (We Have Heaven, Five percent for Nothing ) Highlights:- (Machine Massiah, Heart of the Sunrise)
    I'm just being critical, apart from these few points a great gig and a faithful reproduction of the tracks. Julian Vidal

    SET 1
    Onward through PA (tribute to Chris Squire)

    Time and a word
    Siberian Khatru

    SET 2
    Don't hunt the Whale
    Owner of a Lonely Heart

    Encore: Starship Trooper

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    San Francisco, US on Sat, 07 Apr 1973

    First time seeing Yes. They were awesome. Best performance of Yes I have seen - saw them 4 more times after this.

  • LindaLane
    LindaLane about
    Cleveland, US on Fri, 22 Nov 1974

    Excellent concert!! First date with Doug Prikryl and first of many concerts we went to. Great band, great boyfriend. We remained friends to the day he passed.

  • Eric Deschenes
    Eric Deschenes about
    Montreal, Canada on Wed, 18 Aug 2004

    All i remembered is Chris Squire having problems when it was time to switch from bass to another one...

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Sydney, Australia on Sat, 15 Nov 2014

    watched the concert on saturday night, totally gutted. Yes did not turn up at all, if they were that uninterested in being there they should have canceled. As for the singing, insipid squeling I should say. I have followed yes for thirty five years now, this is definetly the worst performance by far. I had to walk out before the end of the show. I hope this is not the end for Yes, they need the real Jon back as well as there enthusiasm. Thats enough moaning, I'am still a big Yes fan but very disappointed.
    All the best to who ever reads this from
    simon (a Welshman in Tasmania)

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Oslo, Norway on Thu, 05 Jun 2014

    You're consert was great, had it not been for the "teens" that stood in the left backside corner. The made lituarily a racket. Those who had NOT paid a ticket to hear your songs and lyrics, should be shut out! I loved Close to the Edge, and a couple of other tunes, but the interference kept on dispite their warnings. BUT I'd still dig your sound, your backscreen, the atmosphere... You simply rule!

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Warsaw, Poland on Mon, 02 Jun 2014

    The concert was great! The new singer - Jon Davison was fantastic! He was as good as Anderson in my opinion. This is my favourite group!

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Bratislava, Slovakia on Sat, 31 May 2014

    yes,perfect,great and bonus Roundabout was amazing, thanks the fairy Yes

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Mainz, Germany on Mon, 26 May 2014

    Great Show!! Fantastic music!!

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Mainz, Germany on Mon, 26 May 2014

    My 6th time to see Yes live. Master musicians!

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg on Tue, 20 May 2014

    Great show, all albums played perfectly! And the new singer is fabulous.

  • Yes fan
    Yes fan about
    Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg on Tue, 20 May 2014

    The show was fabulous, great performance. They were just as good as 30 years ago :-) And a special note for the singer.


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