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Rush concert reviews and tour history

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Fans' concert reviews

  • Masonic Temple in Detroit, US on Tue, 11 May 1976

  • Rush fan avatar
    Rush fan

    It was a great show. I had a fantastic time with a friend of mine who I don't see anymore.

  • Rhein-Neckar-Halle in Eppelheim, Germany on Wed, 11 May 1983

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    Rush fan

    I was a young army guy back then stationed in Karlsruhe. Three of us squeezed into 2 seater Lancia heading to Mannheim. We all tried to get close to the stage. Nazareth was the lead band. I was blown away with them, until Rush started playing. What a great show and all the hot German girls there just made it a great time. Sure miss those guys. RIP

  • Odeon Birmingham in Birmingham, UK on Sun, 12 Feb 1978

  • KobeSamurai avatar

    Had started to get into going to concerts a lot and wanted to see as many as possible even if I wasn't really into the band. Considering how loud Rush could be, I can't have enjoyed it that much as I remember falling asleep and being woken up by a pyrotechnics explosion at some point! Sitting upstairs, if I remember correctly.

  • OVO Arena in London, UK on Wed, 08 Sep 2004

  • Ivan Opium avatar
    Ivan Opium

    My first show at Wembley-Arena! Great show but seats!? I don't like it! After 10 minutes i have my own security-guy. His job? To watch that i stay on my seat :)
    An other bad thing was the circumstances that we have 4 seats with ticket for 2 people. We are very friendly human and wanna give the free seats to other guys. But no! It's not allowed....

  • The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, US on Sun, 14 Jun 2015

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    Rush fan

    I've seen Rush at least 6 or 7 times, and all in all, this show was the very best. I like how they started with Clockwork Angels and moved their way back in time. The end of the 1st half, and the 2nd half especially, was phenomenal. It was great to hear Xanadu. It's interesting that for several years in the late 80s and in the 90s, Geddy's voice seemed to go lower in range, and he didn't hit the high notes as much (typical for many singers); But in recent years, he seems to be mostly back in the HIGHER registers (!!!) again like in the old days (and sometimes struggles a little now to go down to "lower" notes lol). Geddy's vocals were great last night, his bass playing made my jaw drop... Alex and Peart were incredible as usual. A powerful show and an epic show, one that I'll always remember. Also, this particular show focused less on video footage than some previous tours did (although a few "funnies" were certainly thrown in, to be sure), and more on the music. I'm so glad I went.


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About Rush

Rush was a group founded 55 years ago on Thursday, 1 August 1968 in Toronto, Canada.
They dissolved after 49 years on Friday, 19 January 2018.

Based on our research data, it appears, that the first Rush concert happened 56 years ago on Wed, 18 Sep 1968 in The Coff-In - Toronto, Canada and that the last Rush concert was 9 years ago on Sun, 16 Aug 2015 in Eighteenth Street Lounge - Washington, US.

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