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Fan reviews

  • The Yardbirds fan
    The Yardbirds fan about
    London, UK on Fri, 26 May 1967

    My memory is of Jimmy Page,
    Not sure if Relf sang, but there were some devastating precursors of Zepp. It was a totally awesome gig and slightly prepared me for early Zepp at the Seattle Pop Festival summer’70, Hendrix as well there, whom I also saw

    At an Opera House in London a week after Sgt Pepper, & he opened with the eponymous song from that album. He was awesome in Seattle too!

  • The Yardbirds fan
    The Yardbirds fan about
    Denver, US on Tue, 16 Aug 1966

    I was there, in front with my girlfriend. Hal Baby's was a converted grocery store with a capacity I'm guessing (standing) of less than 500. It was HOT. There was no cooling in the building, and the place was packed. Probably around 90deg+ inside. Almost dangerous and certainly "claustrophobic."
    Opening act (one of them) was a band with Veeder Van Dorn (Moonrakers / The Poor) named "Silver Streak."
    I was very familiar with the Yardbirds, and when they took the stage, I immediately noticed that Jeff Beck was NOT there. I was very disappointed that they were only a "power trio" - until they started playing. Jimmy Page was amazing. I was a guitarist, and that was the first time I ever saw a guitarist attack his instrument with a violin bow. Keith Relf was outstanding on vocals and harp. Chris Dreja was solid on bass. He and the drummer held down the bottom / rhythm section very well and sounded very full.
    All in all a great show. "Stroll On / Train Kept Rollin'" was outstanding. Glad I saw it, in lieu of what was to come with Led Zeppelin a couple years later.
    TEN stars. 8 is not enough.

  • The Yardbirds fan
    The Yardbirds fan about
    San Jose, US on Tue, 30 Aug 1966

    The Yardbirds at San Jose Civic. 1966. I was 15. My friends and I were looking forward to the show thinking Clapton would tear it up. To our initial disappoint Paul Samual Smith had been replaced on bass by Chris Dreja (normally rhythm guitar), Jeff Beck on lead and done new guy we'd never heard of, Jimmy something Page. And then... we realized this new guy was a ringer. Jimmy swapped leads and solos with Beck with mastery. We were in shock. This guy was great! We soon forgot about Clapton as we watched in Awe. This was music to inspire any budding wanna-be guitarist.
    Sadly, that would be the last time we would see that fine lineup. I still love music at San Jose Civic Auditorium. It's a great venue to hear music. I like the acoustics and never feel too far from the stage.

  • The Yardbirds fan
    The Yardbirds fan about
    San Jose, US on Tue, 30 Aug 1966

    The Jaguars and The Chosen Few opened. Eric Clapton had sprained his finger (if you play you know this is a very real reason) and couldn't make the gig. What did we know? We had to settle for two people we never had heard of: Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Needless to say...

  • The Yardbirds fan
    The Yardbirds fan about
    San Francisco, US on Thu, 25 Aug 1966

    The first time I went to the carousel, and with a british band! But Jeff Beck recently quit the band, Chris, the bass player, was playing lead. We were 6 feet from the stage and the feed back was killing us. Met 2 nice girls. We spent the summer going to the Longshoreman's hall and the Fillmore, it is one of the few concerts I remember from that summer. That & the Rascals.


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