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The Yardbirds SOURCE

The Yardbirds concert
Hal-Baby's - Denver, US
Tue, 16 Aug 1966

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  • The Yardbirds fan
    The Yardbirds fan

    I was there, in front with my girlfriend. Hal Baby's was a converted grocery store with a capacity I'm guessing (standing) of less than 500. It was HOT. There was no cooling in the building, and the place was packed. Probably around 90deg+ inside. Almost dangerous and certainly "claustrophobic."
    Opening act (one of them) was a band with Veeder Van Dorn (Moonrakers / The Poor) named "Silver Streak."
    I was very familiar with the Yardbirds, and when they took the stage, I immediately noticed that Jeff Beck was NOT there. I was very disappointed that they were only a "power trio" - until they started playing. Jimmy Page was amazing. I was a guitarist, and that was the first time I ever saw a guitarist attack his instrument with a violin bow. Keith Relf was outstanding on vocals and harp. Chris Dreja was solid on bass. He and the drummer held down the bottom / rhythm section very well and sounded very full.
    All in all a great show. "Stroll On / Train Kept Rollin'" was outstanding. Glad I saw it, in lieu of what was to come with Led Zeppelin a couple years later.
    TEN stars. 8 is not enough.


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  • The Yardbirds fan
    The Yardbirds fan
    One of the best!