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Fan reviews

  • New Order fan
    New Order fan about
    London, UK on Tue, 17 Nov 2015

    Why bother inviting an excellent band to support you, and then not only letting them perform at 30% volume and clearly not allowing them a sound check????? Poor Horrors!!!

    They had the worst sound I've ever heard. The guitar was practically silent.

    Then after the first act, the DJ comes on at almost double their volume?!? It was fricking outrageous!! A total insult to the support act.

    As for the main act, I couldn't really hear them so well either as the kick drum and snare were so loud with a huge decay that it masked most of the detail of the rest of the music.

    For me it was like listening to a cheesy 4-to-the-floor house beat, with New Order playing somewhere in the background. I was hoping for a bit of synth grit. All I got was a dull 4-to-the-floor bass drum. Was like listening to a cheesy dance mix of every track.

    At least had two songs break from it with the Joy Division tracks.

    Oh well, everyone else seemed to like it.

  • Lloyd Simcoe
    Lloyd Simcoe about
    Paris, France on Wed, 04 Nov 2015

    I follow the band since 1986's Brotherhood, which also means that I've bought all their albums, many singles and remixes, re-issues, compilations, bootlegs. I like this band, BUT...
    At Le Casino de Paris I really thought that "something was going horribly wrong with me" (as Morrissey would have said), but in fact, it seemed not, that my feeling of the gig was unfortunately perfectly right. There was in fact a great light show for this Jean-Michel Jarre's concert, but thats it. Except three songs, this was very low... We finaly left before the end, like lots of people.
    Just for kidding : why didn't they cover Electronic's "Disappointed", by the way ? It would have fit perfectly with the gig.

  • New Order fan
    New Order fan about
    Vancouver, Canada on Tue, 08 Jul 2014

    Fantastic band, played an amazing set. Loved the Joy Division encore. I'll never get too old to want to be Gillian Gilbert. Only complaint was the fascist security company policing where people could dance. Ridiculous. I've been to many shows at the same venue over the past several decades, most where you could move around/dance freely. This was one of the few where the guards were bound and determined to stop people from having a good time. (They failed. But they definitely tried hard!)


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