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    Enoch, Canada on Fri, 28 Feb 2020

    Attended the triple billing of The Spoons, Men Without Hats, and headlined by A Flock Of Seagulls with great anticipation. I am a total 80's nerd, since buying the original albums back in the day. The Spoons and Men Without Hats were awesome. They were 2 bands who obviously still love to perform, and the crowd felt it and gave the energy back to them. The sets were not real long, but both played all of the old favorites. That was about as much fun as I could have at a concert! 10/10!
    Then came "The Flock". I use that term loosely, because there was no flock, just one lone seagull - Mike Score, accompanied by Gordon Deppe of the Spoons on guitar and backing vocals. The most noticeable stage image was the well lit vacant drum kit. This should have been the opening act, and billed as the Mike Score karaoke experience, because that was exactly what it was. The energy from the earlier acts was sucked out of the room, and many people quickly walked out. It was plainly album tracks of the songs with the vocals removed. The sad part was that Mike can still sing well - what a shame. He was drinking out of the bottle, and twice tried to walk off the stage, but was talked out of it by Gordon, and once by a stage member. I felt bad for him, but more for Gordon Deppe, who was trying to help as much as he could.
    Fortunately, the Spoons and Men Without Hats were so good, that I walked away totally happy about the night, regardless of the Flock of Seagulls episode. Time to retire Mike - or hire some musicians to play with. Us old farts like to watch and listen to live music. If I want to spin your album, I will do so in the comfort of my basement.


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