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British Sea Power

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  • rating: 80%
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  • Type: group
  • Founded: 2000
  • Founded in: Brighton, UK

Fan reviews: 2

  • British Sea Power fan
    British Sea Power fan about
    Kendal, UK on Sat, 08 Nov 2014

    Ist time ever seeing BSP, so did not know their songs well or anything about them really. Went purely out of curiosity as gig was local to me and I like a good concert....been to many over the years.
    Anyway, I was quite taken with them and enjoyed the blend of brass and indie which did remind me of Arcade Fire at times with the wall of sound. As this was a so called homecoming gig I was quite surprised at the lack of comunication with the audience. They didn't say much at all and to finish on a really poor song was a shame as there had been some great tunes earlier. Venue was great. If there had been a good rapport I would have rated this gig 8/10, but as it was an average 6/10.

  • British Sea Power fan
    British Sea Power fan about
    Kendal, UK on Sat, 08 Nov 2014

    From beginning to end it was a beautiful and awesome assault on the senses. I saw them at Kendal Calling 2 years ago but this was of a completely different calibre. I loved it and the brass element with Fodens Band just increased the power of the sea by massive proportions. My favourite moments were hearing Machineries of Joy, A light above descending and The land Beyond. Fabulous!


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