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Fan reviews

  • Tony Bennett fan
    Tony Bennett fan about
    Highland Park, US on Sat, 27 Jun 2015

    Mr Bennett's voice seems to be getting
    better with time! At 88, he's clear and
    crisp. Good projection, too! Lady Gaga
    is always entertaining and her voice is
    perfect for al the old standbys that Tony
    sings. I wish we would have been in the Pavillion
    to see all of her costume changes!
    All in all, it was very good. The weather
    certainly could've been better, though.

  • kidsincollege
    kidsincollege about
    Nashville, US on Thu, 11 Dec 2014

    Tony Bennett was relaxed and in total control of his material and his craft with his master of phrasing and the true jazz musician at heart that he has perfected! He sang a great set list that was personalized to Nashville with a Hank Williams song and also to the season with a Christmas song as well. He can still sing out a sustained note with a rich vibrato that appears effortless but sounds so passionate and tender too. His quartet filled with master musicians in their own fields added the cream to the top! Mr. Bennett and his quartet performed brilliantly with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra! We were so pleased to be among a crowd that showed their appreciation for Mr. Bennett’s heartfelt and perfect performance at least 8 times during his 80 minutes on stage performing. The ending of his concert you could hear a pin drop when he put his microphone down and sang “Fly Me to the Moon” without amplification as a lover would sing a love song to his one true love. Words cannot express how awesome this experience was! It was not a concern, it was a true experience that was lived!
    (Tony Bennett’s daughter, Antonia Bennett was also billed on the ticket to perform at this concert, but she did not perform and there was no mention as to why she did not appear.)


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