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Paul Anka


Paul Anka

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  • Paul Anka fan
    Paul Anka fan about Worcester, US on Sun, 09 Nov 2014

    One thing did disappoint me - I had to buy a CD in order to get Paul Anka's autograph. I couldn't get close enough to the merchandise table to see what CDs were available but I already have all his CDs through "Duets." I'm certainly not going to buy something I already have just to get his autograph. It was an absolutely great show, though, and I was thrilled to shake his hand as he came down the aisle at the show's beginning. :)

  • NYPaul3480
    NYPaul3480 about Westbury, US on Sat, 08 Nov 2014

    Paul Anka at the top of his game as usual. A terrific performance. His orchestra rocked the place.
    Something new a female violinist who sings added to the event

  • Paul Anka fan
    Paul Anka fan about Monte-Carlo, Monaco on Mon, 28 Jul 2014

    The Sporting Club - the ideal setting for a jewel of a performer. Absolutely riveting show. Perfect, as only Paul Anka and the John Cross band can deliver. The only way it could have been improved is if it had gone on for another 3 hours at least! I enjoyed every minute.

  • Paul Anka fan
    Paul Anka fan about Vienna, Austria on Wed, 16 Jul 2014

    Next year, 2015 .... Anka fans will do a group river cruise that docks IN VIENNA when Paul's concert is scheduled .... I host group river cruises along Europe's great waterways and this is an ideal "excuse" for me to get back to Vienna by riverboat :-)


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