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Fans' concert reviews

  • Chelsea Grin Chelsea Grin on Sun, 16 Aug 2015

  • Chelsea Grin fan avatar
    Chelsea Grin fan

    It was great. All the bands had great sets and i really enjoyed the energy each act Brought to the stage. To be honest i didn't know the bands much before the gig but after hearing their music i will definitely be looking out for their future gigs and listening to them.
    When Chelsea Grin came on, the freak on us all came out. There was moshing, headbanging, jumping, hardcore dancing and crowd surfing. It was a amazing night and i had so much fun. Definitely would do it all over again in a blink of an eye

  • Swollen Members Swollen Members on Sat, 27 Sep 2014

  • Swollen Members fan avatar
    Swollen Members fan

    Unorganised, unprofessional,

  • Swollen Members fan avatar
    Swollen Members fan

    Did they even turn up. Left at 11:30 and still no sign. Shit effort. Can i get my money back?