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Guster concert
State Theatre - Portland, US
Sat, 02 May 2015

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  • Guster fan
    Guster fan

    So this concert should have been amazing and maybe for some in the audience it was. They played for two solid hours, new and old songs. But for those of us sitting behind the HUGE friends and family Reserved section, it was horrible. These people appeared to have been drinking for quite some time and were rude to everyone around them, getting up and down, in and out of their seats dozens of times, climbing over chairs, hugging and kissing, etc. They acted like they were at a private party! I get that they were all happy to see each other and maybe excited that the tour was ending, but for us poor paying slobs who just wanted to enjoy the show, it was not fun at all.


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  • Guster fan
    Guster fan
    Should've stayed at home