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  • Lostdawg
    Lostdawg about
    Ashland, US on Fri, 23 Jan 2015

    This was the first time I have seen this young group live and it was more than I expected. I would say this is deceptively simple music. Music you can enjoy while thinking about other things if you wish... but to really get it requires a bit of musical concentration on the listener's part, which I like. Chris Thile once said to one of his band mates that was worried that they were playing above their audience, "Never underestimate your audience" We (your audience) want what you want; a beautiful musical experience, that sometimes, if you are lucky, will take you far away from your everyday. Trippy with a soft landing reminding me of Pink Floyd one minute and Bela Fleck the next all while remaining very tactile and in the moment. Very nice and I recommend seeing them live if you get the chance. There is a certain amount of theatrics to their performance but if you be open to going someplace you haven't been before... they'll take you there.


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