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Fan reviews

  • Mustard Plug fan
    Mustard Plug fan about
    Victoria, Canada on Fri, 03 Jul 2015

    I grew up going to Mustard Plug shows in Michigan so seeing them in Seattle is a dream come true! As usual they do not disappoint in pleasing the crowd and always making me question why ska is dead. Even though it was hot as hell in the venue they still had everyone dancing!

    I have never heard The Kings but they had great songs and a fun energy as well. I will be checking them out again!

  • Mustard Plug fan
    Mustard Plug fan about
    Victoria, Canada on Fri, 03 Jul 2015

    I brought a transsexual blowup doll to the stage and mustard plug rocked out with it. This show was amazing come to Canada please. We know how to party.

  • Punk Cleaned Up
    Punk Cleaned Up about
    Victoria, Canada on Fri, 03 Jul 2015

    Mustard Plug was amazing as expected. Since they played shows in my old stomping grounds of Lansing, and K-Zoo. Loved them and I wish I could head to Victoria tomorrow to watch them again. Oh tell them once they get back to Michigan to eat a coney for me. Haven't been back home in a few years.

    • Punk Cleaned Up
      Punk Cleaned Up

      I forgot to comment about the other bands.

      Regional Faction: awesome band. Great energy despite the crowd being a bit stand-offish. How they pulled that kid up on stage. In true fashion of old school punk spirit. Loved it and can't wait to see them again.

      The Kings; never heard them before. Loved their energy. Their songs were catchy, and fun. I will be looking to catch them again.

      Dead Bars; loved these punks. Great music, awesome lyrics. They song about not getting invited to his friends wedding. Made me laugh, since my wife's family didn't show up to our wedding 13 years ago this August. Felt an amazing connect ::No homo:: I will surely keep my eyes peeled for their future shows.

      I also loved how the band's after their sets were out an about. In the crowd talking and goofing off. This brought me back to how concerts should be.


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