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Type: person

Gender: male

Born: 04 Apr 1913

Born in: Issaquena County, US

Died: 30 Apr 1983 (aged 70)

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  • Muddy Waters fan
    Muddy Waters fan about Oberlin, US on Sat, 07 Feb 1981

    I have a pretty clear memory of this concert which took place during my freshman year at Oberlin College although the details are hazy. Basically, the audience was fully aware that we were in the presence of a master near the end of his career and possibly his life. He played an electric set that left us in awe. Probably the greatest concert I have ever attended.

  • Muddy Waters fan
    Muddy Waters fan about Tempe, US on Mon, 01 May 1978

    Saw this gig, the club is now gone, I remember Bob Margolin, Paul Oscher in that band. This was the only time I ever saw Muddy live.
    A lifetime experience. Muddy always gave a great show with a great band. Whenever I get sick of Chicago blues, usually after seeing too many amateurs playing it, if I hear Muddy's recordings, no matter which band, which period, it's ALWAYS great, and I always love it.


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