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Martina McBride


Martina McBride


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  • StrongYogi
    StrongYogi about Calgary, Canada on Fri, 24 Jul 2015

    I have always loved Martina McBride! I was so lucky to be able to see her and have a seat right beside the stage! She still looks gorgeous after all these years, and her song inventory is huge! I was SO happy she did my favourite song "Wild Angels" after that she could do no wrong. Her voice is amazing, her experience of performing all of these years pays off with every show she does. Thank you for coming to Calgary, it was a GREAT show!

  • msboppa
    msboppa about Northfield, US on Thu, 04 Dec 2014

    Everything about it it was absolutely amazing! This was my second time seeing Martina, & i was not disappointed! PERFECT SHOW IN EVERY WAY.

  • Martina McBride fan
    Martina McBride fan about Wabash, US on Sat, 06 Sep 2014

    I understand she was promoting the new album but it was my first time to see her and I have always seen her on tv and YouTube where she has video screens and big intro and it's all casual and she moves all over the stage and puts a country rock flare on the performance and last night I felt like I went to see an orchestra preform and she was fronting them. On a postive note to hear her voice love was amazing. It was good to hear my favriote songs but like I said I much rather see a style of concert that you expect from a country artist.

  • Martina McBride fan
    Martina McBride fan about Wabash, US on Sat, 06 Sep 2014

    Fantastic!!! The musical talent on the stage with Martina's lovely voice was definitely a hit!!! And the encore was 5 songs long outstanding!!!!!! She has such a grace about her and her performance was so encouraging to all in attendance!!!! Awesome job by Martina and her crew!!!!!!!!


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