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Type: person

Gender: male

Born: 02 Apr 1942

Born in: Lawton, US

Died: 13 Nov 2016 (aged 74)

Fan reviews: 7

  • Leon Russell fan
    Leon Russell fan about Washington, US on Sun, 19 May 1974

    My first and best concert ever. Leon performed with his wife Mary he was wearing a white pant suit with big red roses and a white top hat. I fell in LOVE with Leon and LIVE Music that day I was 13 .The concert was packed and the vibe was incredible what a show and showman! Since then I was Blessed to see him perform many times and become friends and he even performed at my First Mad River Music Fest in Vermont 1997 !! RIP Leon a legendary genius and Soulful Musician and beautiful being of light he will always be missed but his Music will live on for all times! !

  • Leon Russell fan
    Leon Russell fan about Oklahoma City, US on Sat, 27 Jul 1974

    Sold Out outdoor concert at OKC’s 89er Stadium presented KOFM Fresh Air Rock 104.1 FM. Crowd was ecstatic with Beach Boys first return to OKC since Dpringlakr Appearance in 1965. Weather was summer hot, beer flowed, weed wafted across the swaying crowds. Leon Russell was at peak of game. Stadium shoot as Russell sang Home Sweet Oklahoma on my mind!! One of the greatest all day night outdoor concerts in Oklahoma History.

  • StevenFlorida
    StevenFlorida about Fort Wayne, US on Wed, 08 May 1974

    One of the first concerts I ever attended.I was only 14 but had a brother that was 13 years older than me so I grew up listening to his records of groups like Canned Heat,Hendrix,Joe Cocker,Leon Russell,etc.. so I knew some of his music.It was an awesome concert and I remember him sitting at his piano wearing his cowboy hat in the spotlight, and playing some of his best tunes.

  • Leon Russell fan
    Leon Russell fan about Philadelphia, US on Sat, 14 Nov 1970

    Big fan of Leon. This show in Philly was most memorable.

  • Leon Russell fan
    Leon Russell fan about Brookdale, US on Sat, 11 Sep 2004

    Was a another epic time in my life. Had to of seen him there 7 times or more. Great acoustics and comfort with space to dance. Was like being in a den with a rock mantle & harthe fireplace , active". Great Beer selection kind staff. If you were respectful they were Real down home country folk. The place sold & Leon did not come around anymore. I was Blessed with magic times. About 3 yrs went by and I was missing those times. Leon stops in at Moe's Alley for a good time. When stage lights went off. I went to Bar got a foster and a pin. Wrote my dearest consent and gratitude to Leon. Walked up to stage front and looked over his piano with a felling of intimidation. I understand one value to such a instrument. I finally come up with place to set coaster with hopes he sees it before it drifts as odd debris in some other setting. As I stealthily make action. I'm caught by Rodie coming to haul it away. Eye to eye, I give apology , express my admiration for Leon and ask in best way I can that the coaster gets chance to be found without being a invasive pice of litter. All at the same time. Rodie accepts the hand off. Telling me I am too close. I step away and it did feel that Rodie placed coaster in place of chance to be found. Magic Times. In Taylor's Life.

  • Leon Russell fan
    Leon Russell fan about Nashville, US on Sun, 14 Jul 1974

    If I remember correctly, The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, J.J. Cale, and Poco were the opening acts for Leon at that show. Cale sat on a stool with his back to audience during his set. Poco was at the height of their game. The surprise in the mix, for me, was The Cornelius Brothers. They put on an absolutely powerhouse show. An Leon was just Leon, The Master of Space and Time. Overall, an outstanding show with a country/gospel feel.

  • Supuress
    Supuress about Buffalo, US on Sat, 07 Nov 2015

    Leon played an awesome concert to his Buffalo fans, and even took the time to do some signing from the tour bus afterwards....how great was that!!!? This man is a legend and when he returns to Buffalo for his next show I will Be there!! Josh Holtzman went above and beyond catering to me because I am in a wheelchair.....so he ensured I was comfortable....Nice guy!! The crowd was 95% cool. There were a few who tried to get in front of the stage and security quickly booted them.They should put a rope barrier up to keep those drunks back and out of the way. That would be the only improvement I see. I sure hope someone gets a few photo's up on this site. Awesome show and if you missed it....shame on you. Rating is a 10 out of a 10.


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