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Frank Zappa


Frank Zappa

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Type: person

Gender: male

Born: 21 Dec 1940

Born in: Baltimore, US

Died: 04 Dec 1993 (aged 52)

Fan reviews: 8

  • Frank Zappa fan
    Frank Zappa fan about Oklahoma City, US on Sun, 19 Oct 1980

    It was a warm Sunday on the grass at the amphitheater theatre , he had his songbook open and was reading the lyrics as he sang

  • Frank Zappa fan
    Frank Zappa fan about Auckland, New Zealand on Fri, 16 Jan 1976

    A fabulous concert! First thing to note is that on arrival at the entrance to the Town Hall, a crowd of us were told the show was oversold, so despite already having tickets we should leave and seek a refund on Monday! I immediately took action in all the commotion and slipped through inside unnoticed, taking a seat ultimately directly behind Zappa the band where plenty of seats were in fact empty. It was a classic lineup as i recall with the likes of Sugarcane Harris raging on violin and Jimmy Carl Black doing his declaration of being “the Indian in the group” (I’m surprised that his byline was never noted in the doco Rumble: the Indians who rocked the World)☀️ Zappa, shirtless most of the concert was on form playing searing guitar and also probing fluffy toys while the saxman Napoleon threw up green jelly on people in the front row It would great to find the song list but for sure the Mothers that night played a stack of their classics of that era☀️????

  • Frank Zappa fan
    Frank Zappa fan about Würzburg, Germany on Sun, 13 Jun 1982

    I was at this concert with my parents when I was just six weeks old. Unfortunately I have no memories. But my parents talk still often from this concert.

  • Frank Zappa fan
    Frank Zappa fan about Toronto, Canada on Sun, 28 Jan 1968

    Too long ago to remember in detail, but it was an impressive set.

  • Frank Zappa fan
    Frank Zappa fan about Lund, Sweden on Mon, 02 Oct 1967

    The consert was not at Olympen, it was at Stora Salen AF. Olympen was not built 1967. I was at the consert. Zappa did not bring any PA system for the singing, they tried to use the PA system in Stora Salen but it was construckted for speach. So they soon gave up the singing. There was actually two conserts that evening, but it turned into one long jam session without singing, with a change of listeners in the midddle. I was able to attend both sessions. It was a smashing success!

  • Frank Zappa fan
    Frank Zappa fan about Baltimore, US on Sun, 11 May 1980

    Dickweed sat on a stool with his back to the audience the entire show. Buddy puking up JD next to me entire show also.

  • Frank Zappa fan
    Frank Zappa fan about Winnipeg, Canada on Thu, 08 Jul 1971

    I was present at the table of Frank Zappa in a bar in Winnipeg on the day before the concert while his band jammed into the early morning hours. He had a girl sitting on his lap and suddenly slapped her so hard that she fell to the floor. Seeing this, I and my girl friend moved to another table.

  • Frank Zappa fan
    Frank Zappa fan about Odense, Denmark on Mon, 22 Nov 1971

    It was free concert because he lost his own gear in sweden.


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