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Sabaton SOURCE

Sabaton concert
Iron City - Birmingham, US
Sat, 25 Oct 2014

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Fan reviews

  • Sabaton fan
    Sabaton fan

    Absolutely awesome performance! Went to see my fav. band Amon Amarth and Sabaton was truly a BONUS! Every ticket was sold. The line waiting all the way to 3rd St to across the street and back was worth the wait. Though I don't particularly care for the venue, this band made it worth the while. Through the Gates of Hell! As we make our way to Heaven!!



  • Sabaton fan
    Sabaton fan


  • 1. Ghost Division
  • 2. To Hell and Back
  • 3. Carolus Rex
  • 4. 40:1
  • 5. Swedish Pagans
  • 6. Resist and Bite
  • 7. The Art of War
  • 8. Primo Victoria
  • 9. Metal Crüe
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