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Morcheeba SOURCE

Morcheeba concert
Lincoln Theatre - Washington, US
Wed, 14 May 2014

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  • Morcheeba fan
    Morcheeba fan

    Warm up performer was HORRIBLE, he couldn't have been worse. The same unintelligible moaning over and over for 4 or 5 songs. BAD doesn't begin to describe it.

    Now to Morcheeba; they played so well, nicely done. Skye's voice is so clear and lovely, the arrangements put together so well, bravo EXCEPT... Who the hell designed the stage lighting? OMG, the lights shining from the stage INTO the audience were so in the audience's eyes that we couldn't even see Skye on stage! Why on earth would you shine these super bright colored lights out from the stage and blind the audience? We payed to see (and hear) the performance, not be blinded by wholly inappropriate lights shinning in our eyes. It's been more than 12 hours since the show and my vision is STILL compromised from the lights.

    My suggestion is that you skip the show entirely, or plan to wear really dark sunglasses if you want to save your vision, and possibly actually see something of the show and be able to actually see the next day.

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  • Morcheeba fan
    Morcheeba fan
    Should've stayed at home