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Danny O'keefe SOURCE

Danny O'keefe concert
Bumbershoot 1983 - Seattle, US
Sat, 03 Sep 1983

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  • Danny O'keefe fan
    Danny O'keefe fan

    It was a beautiful magical show. I had been a fan of his ever since his his song “Good time Charlie” came out and I had bought and played and played the album. In 1983, his type of music was not that popular and it was more of a past star coming back to life. He probably never stopped playing. bit for a good portion of the audience were younger people that had never heard of him. He won over everybody with his beautiful voice, folky type of music, and guitar playing. Great reception of him and lots of applause from what I remember. Wish I could remember who else we saw that day, but I think it was Ray Charles ?



  • Danny O'keefe fan
    Danny O'keefe fan
    One of the best!

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