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  • Bob Dylan Bob Dylan on Sun, 06 Dec 1964

  • Bob Dylan fan avatar
    Bob Dylan fan

    I attended this concert with my brother John and roommate Don . Bob did his acoustical "Freewheeling" stuff in the first half and brought electrical backup in the second half. About 40% of the audience bailed in disgust at that point, and we moved up from the back seats to row 2.
    My brother doesn't remember this the seminal moment, and thinks I am making this up. It says on the internet that Dylan did not go electric for another 6 months ,and ,as everyone knows, if it is on the internet ,it must be true.
    If anyone who was there reads this, or can ask Bob to back me up, please drop me an email .It was an amazing concert. Bob Dylan really Rocked for maybe the first time publicly !