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Fans' concert reviews

  • Deep Purple Deep Purple on Thu, 26 Nov 2015

  • Deep Purple fan avatar
    Deep Purple fan

    I enjoyed the concert in Munich and to be honest I really appreciated the whole performance. It was amazing to see that Deep Purple is still alive and showed such a great enthusiasm. I was positively surprised that 6 of the 7 songs of the "Made in Japan" were performed. I only can recommend to go to one of the remaining concerts

  • 5 Seconds of Summer 5 Seconds of Summer on Sun, 17 May 2015

  • 5 Seconds of Summer fan avatar
    5 Seconds of Summer fan

    Hey guys, my daughter and me we enjoyed the concert yesterday in Munich. It was awesome ..... Hope to see you soon in Munich. Thank you

  • Elton John Elton John on Thu, 27 Nov 2014

  • Elton John fan avatar
    Elton John fan


  • Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran on Mon, 17 Nov 2014

  • Ed Sheeran fan avatar
    Ed Sheeran fan

    Amazing! Was so sad it ended! I can't thank Ed enaugh for that wonderful evening!!!

  • Cock Robin Cock Robin on Sat, 14 Jun 1986

  • alma66 avatar

    12 juni 1986 Groningen Evenementenhal

  • Marillion Marillion on Sat, 14 Jun 1986

  • Marillion fan avatar
    Marillion fan

    Well a rainy October in 2020 and reminiscing of years ago I remember going to Munich for Rock in Riem . Originally this concert was supposed to be open air but because of Chernobyl disaster was moved to the Indoor Olympic bike track. Even then some bands still cancelled. I was in the Army and we made the long trip from Hameln in the north. We were not disappointed with the concert. Marillion were great and Fish was in fine form. Being a fellow Scot I gave him my Scottish flag which he wrapped around himself, which made the concert more memorable.

    As a post script INXS played and as they weren’t as well known played down the order .... we couldn’t be bothered to watch an unknown band called “Inks” ( gutted)

    Overall though 10/10

  • The Cure The Cure on Sat, 14 Jun 1986

  • The Cure fan avatar
    The Cure fan

    Fantastic concert, great live band. It was mesmerizing seeing them live on stage. What a great experience!!

  • Talk Talk Talk Talk on Sat, 14 Jun 1986

  • Talk Talk fan avatar
    Talk Talk fan

    I was there (17 years old). Talk Talk (along with The Cure) were the absolute best performances during that 2-day concert. Talk Talk is such a fantastic live band. I didn't want them to stop playing. Never danced so much in my life. By the we were all drunk on their music and intoxicated by the atmosphere their sound created. Glad to have experienced it.

  • Patti Smith Patti Smith on Fri, 07 Sep 1979

  • Patti Smith fan avatar
    Patti Smith fan

    I hitchhiked from Nuremberg to get there. She was fantastic--a strange bird beautifully squawking ethereally. I had to hitchhike back in the rain in the dark, but no matter.

  • Eric Clapton Eric Clapton on Wed, 27 Nov 1974

  • Eric Clapton fan avatar
    Eric Clapton fan

    I think they were so high they could barely play, There may have been about 300 people there total.