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Fans' concert reviews

  • Simply Red Simply Red on Fri, 30 Oct 2015

  • Simply Red fan avatar
    Simply Red fan

    Every minute was pure pleasure! Will see the concert again in Hamburg next year.

  • Rise Against Rise Against on Mon, 12 Oct 2015

  • Rise Against fan avatar
    Rise Against fan

    very bad acoustics. not well balanced.
    vocalist had to drop words to keep with the speed of the other band members.
    this was my first RA concert and I fear it was my last.

  • Mark Knopfler Mark Knopfler on Sun, 05 Jul 2015

  • Mark Knopfler fan avatar
    Mark Knopfler fan

    Thought it would be a special and legendary concert but Mark played his songs impersonal and workmanlike. Wasn't really worth the 83 Euros! I'm a bit dissapointed.

  • Elton John Elton John on Sun, 30 Nov 2014

  • Elton John fan avatar
    Elton John fan

    It was an amazing night with Elton and Band smiling and having fun during the whole show. The audience was great too!

  • Michael Bublé Michael Bublé on Mon, 10 Nov 2014

  • Michael Bublé fan avatar
    Michael Bublé fan

    This whole concert was perfect. The show was great, this man is great. His jokes and how he connected with the people have been awesome. Also you had the whole time the feeling, that he really must love his job and has much fun with the people he is working with.

  • Black Sabbath Black Sabbath on Wed, 25 Jun 2014

  • Black Sabbath fan avatar
    Black Sabbath fan

    Greatest Show ever...

  • ZZ Top ZZ Top on Sat, 21 Jun 2014

  • ZZ Top fan avatar
    ZZ Top fan

    ZZ Top hat wieder ein grossartiges Konzert geliefert. sah ZZ TOP schon öfters und ihre Konzerte sind excellent.Die Ben Miller band war auch fantastisch.

  • ZZ Top fan avatar
    ZZ Top fan

    Blues and Rock as its best! ZZ Top spielte mit großer Spielfreude ihre größten Hits ohne groß auszuschweifen! Meinen Konzertbericht kann man hier lesen: http://grandglamrock.blogspot.de/2014/06/zz-top-schleyerhalle-stuttgart.html