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The Clash concert
Portsmouth Guildhall - Portsmouth, UK
Tue, 06 Mar 1984

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Portsmouth Guildhall


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Guildhall Square, PO1 2AB

1 fan review

  • The Clash fan
    The Clash fan

    Easily the best live gig I have seen. The band led by Strummer, Simonin on bass stormed it even with Topper and Jones on board. I was with a mate near the front of the stage and it was fucking intense. The crowd just wouldn't leave at the end and they came back on for the standard two encores and then two more. The last after all the lights had switched on and fans were starting to vacate. I recall turning around and moving with the crowd toward the exit and then...bang! Off went the lights. Brief pitch blackness. The crowd surged back and Strummer and the band flew back on with one last blast of White Riot. Blew me away.


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  • The Clash fan
    The Clash fan
    One of the best!
  • Darrin