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Talib Kweli concert
The Haunt - Brighton, UK
Tue, 25 Nov 2014

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The Haunt


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10 Pool Valley, BN1 1NJ

1 fan review

  • Talib Kweli fan
    Talib Kweli fan

    Hi, I have to say I am really speechless how we got treated yesterday in The Haunt. My partner and me are not getting out much and Talib is one of my conscious hip hop heros, so that gig was very special for me. We organized a babysitter for our little boy, even the weather was horrible we took a cab and return and it started all great. Great DJ, loved the first gig, more DJ and dancing and waiting, waiting and waiting. My partner got bored and went of to get another drink and never came back. I wondered after 10 min and looked for him but I thought he might have met someone and has a chat, another 5 min passed and I actually looked for him, couldn't find him. Looked at my mobile, missed call of him. Called him back and he said he is not allowed to get in anymore. He was outside chatting with a friend, everyone else was going in and out having a fag except him. So I don't want to pull the racist card here but I do believe your bouncers did judge him cause of how he looks. My partner is Jamaican - English he got asked if he would know if drugs got sold in the venue, why??? In the end I had to leave the venue, he was not allowed to get in to get me, he had all the cash and my bank card. It was 22.15pm and I had to leave. I spoke to the bouncers and they've been just ignorant assholes telling me nothing happened etc..yeah sure, my partner is just making up a story. I really want a statement from the management, why we got treated like that. Overall the evening was shit and we spend money for nothing I didn't even got to see Talib.


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  • Talib Kweli fan
    Talib Kweli fan
    Should've stayed at home