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Roger Hodgson SOURCE

Roger Hodgson concert
Casino Rama Entertainment Centre - Rama, Canada
Fri, 14 Nov 2014

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Casino Rama Entertainment Centre


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5899 Rama Rd., L3V 6H6

1 fan review

  • Roger Hodgson fan
    Roger Hodgson fan

    Roger Hodgson is the light that brings serenity to the world with his inspiring music and beautiful lyrics. We are fortunate that we are able to witness his talent and peaceful message through his live performances to this day. Roger is the voice of Supertramp. He is the voice of my youth and continues to narrate through my life experiences with his wonderful songs of hope and reflection. I look forward to seeing his concert every year at Casino Rama. He replenishes my spirit, not just with his music but with his positive energy and kind personality. Great show!!!


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  • Roger Hodgson fan
    Roger Hodgson fan
    One of the best!