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Marty Wilde concert
Grimsby Auditorium - Grimsby, UK
Sat, 13 Nov 2010

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Grimsby Auditorium

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Cromwell Road, DN31 2BH

1 fan review

  • Marty Wilde fan
    Marty Wilde fan

    Great show. Took my mum who had been recently ill, she loved it. She wore her favourite scarf with musical notes on it and being shy she got nervous when Marty started walking around the audience. He was about to go past us as my mum sank into her seat trying to be invisible when he saw her scarf, reached out to touch it saying it was nicer than his ones then back on stage he went. His voice is stunningly beautiful, like caramel.
    My mum died unexpectedly on 6/10/2021, three days later I woke up with 'Sea of Love' playing non stop in my mind. Mum was spiritual so I took this as a message to play it at her funeral on Tuesday 2/11/2021, but I am the youngest of three, although the only one who has arranged a funeral before for my late husband. I have been ignored, they won't play one of her favourite songs. They have so far got dates, times, appointments etc., wrong, it's infuriating. This concert is one of my best memories of my mum who I am already missing dreadfully.


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  • Marty Wilde fan
    Marty Wilde fan
    One of the best!