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Gong concert
Cheltenham Town Hall - Cheltenham, UK
Sun, 23 Nov 1975

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    Gong fan

    I was there on 23/11/75 It was all a bit confusing as due to a minor injury (to Hillage?) we were told that gong would be playing 2nd heading to Clearlight,. Whatever, in the end members of both bands did a combined jam for the finale, but it was just a cocophany of over amplified noise to my youthful ears. Most notable moments were Hillage on guitar (if it was actually him, I’d had a few pints by then) when he eventually made an appearance as he appeared to get high on his own sounds if you could separate them out . Then the blissful relative silence I think it may have been Babaloni Yoni who leaned towards the crowd and struck her triangle with a single note (to clear the energy channels perhaps). I prefer listening from their apparently well recorded period LPs, but would love to see Hillage doing his solo glissando guitar thing today.


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  • Gong fan
    Gong fan