Devo concert
Fitchburg Theater - Fitchburg, US
Fri, 18 Jul 1980

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Fitchburg Theater

1 fan review

  • Devo fan
    Devo fan

    Went to this concert on a whim - heard about it on the radio (WBCN), and drove up and bought tickets at the window. $7 if I remember correctly Sat in the middle of the theatre, and didn't really know much of what to expect beyond "Whip It".

    Gotta admit it - I left a spud head. To this day, I've seen hundreds of concerts, and this is in the top-5 all-time, perhaps top-3. What an incredible hi-energy, fun show they put on.

    I'm still to this day trying to find a ticket stub and/or poster for this show.


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  • Devo fan
    Devo fan
    One of the best!