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Anti‐Flag SOURCE

Anti‐Flag concert
Warm Audio - DÉCINES CHARPIEU, France
Sun, 26 Jul 2015

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  • Anti‐Flag fan
    Anti‐Flag fan

    You guys kicked asses Last night. Thank you so much for sharing your energy and such Good music. It Was my third anti flag gig, and thé Best one I must say. Il saw you With sick of it all à long time ago (before W. sent Us army to Iraq) and you seemt to be more concerned and serious backthen (except for your drummer Who already had bleached hair and a weird tongue...) Well Last night show Was excellent, too Bad the crowd wasn't Good enough. Hope we'll See you soon again and bring thé Leftover Crack With you. It'd be so cool to See your bands playing thé same night! Well, thank you again and as they say in Pittsburg or in Missouri or as Rodney King used to say FUCK THE POLICE BRUTALITY! And by the way FUCK capitalism too

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  • Anti‐Flag fan
    Anti‐Flag fan
    One of the best!