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Type: group

Founded: 1983 (37 years ago)

Founded in: Montesano, US

Fan reviews: 5

  • Melvins fan
    Melvins fan about
    Bremen, Germany on Wed, 23 Sep 2015

    The concert was amazing. You are good musicians and you made this concert without breaks. We enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. Great to see you in Bremen! Again please.

  • Melvins fan
    Melvins fan about
    Dallas, US on Tue, 28 Oct 2014

    I've been wanting to see the Melvins for YEARS! Last night, my wish came true. Buzz was literally inches from me the entire show. I can still feel the sound on my face. I lost all of my abilities to keep cool ~ I lost it like I imagine young girls did seeing the Beatles for the first time. In a OH MY GOD, this is a pure, genuine, the real deal ARTIST kind of way. We were shared the same air as a musical genius. I rank this as close to seeing Elvis as you can get without going to wherever Elvis is!

  • Melvins fan
    Melvins fan about
    Phoenix, US on Sat, 25 Oct 2014

    started over 30 mins late and the opening band SUCKED. For what its worth the Melvins were good. . . But every time i come to a show at this venue it starts way late

  • Melvins fan
    Melvins fan about
    Portland, US on Sun, 19 Oct 2014

    Sunday, October 19th, 2014 at the Roseland in Portland. It's an awesome little venue and always looks forward to seeing my favorite bands there. Instead of taking our chances in the pit we opted to sit front and center in the balcony with a perfect view of the stage. Buzz sounded great and his guitar and effects were always spot on. Dale of course was there, behind the drum set and pounded out his usual rhythmic barrage of percussive artillery. Although disappointed this wasn't the Big Business line-up were were very pleased to see Jeff Pinkus on bass from the Butthole Surfers. The set list had a couple of your standard hits with some new music mixed in. On the downside there were a lot of great songs left unsung and the set seemed a bit short. The show concluded with "Make those donuts with extra grease / this batch is for the chief of police". Buzz handed off his guitar and left the stage never to come back. There was a bit of confusion for the next 5 minutes as the band played on without Buzz whom never returned to the stage. It would have been nice to have some closure on the show but it ended on kind of a weird note. Pretty typical of Portland but a cliche that has run it's course. This is only the second time I had seen the Melvins in the last 20 years and would recommend seeing them to any fan. If you have seen them before you know what you are in for. For those of you that haven't; prepare for some of the heaviest, sludgiest metal you've experienced live.

  • Melvins fan
    Melvins fan about
    Sacramento, US on Wed, 15 Oct 2014

    Very fun. Only challenge was not being able to carry my drink to the restroom. When one goes out alone, one does not generally want to have to leave one's drink behind for a variety of reasons.


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