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Type: group

Founded: 1991 (29 years ago)

Founded in: New York, US

Fan reviews: 2

  • BLACKstreet fan
    BLACKstreet fan about
    Sydney, Australia on Sat, 18 Apr 2015

    Hey guys. .. Unfortunately the sound was quite bad for blackstreet. Very bad actually.
    When the dj played the sound was perfect. But as soon as the support act started. Up came the volume to levels of distortion.
    I thought it was just the support act but disappointingly blackstreet was even louder.
    marks mic was nearly inaudible for the first few songs and increased only to bare able later.
    Mainly it was just too loud. All the quality of the sound image was lost when hitting that level of volume. All the probs happened when the volume was pushed too much.
    My ears were ringing well in to today. And rang all day yesterday. How ridiculous.
    What happened? How hard is it to make a nice mix of sound?
    First mistake is putting up so high for a small room that it was almost painful. Second mistake stems from that... making any other adjustments almost impossible due to the crazy levels. Ie I'm sure the sound engineer 1. Didn't even know which mic was marks.. and 2. At that level couldn't do anything about it.
    And so .. why not just keep it lower and enjoyable.
    I went to aaron neville and that was perfect !!

    geez even I could have mixed that sound better... far out. if you need some help next time ill come. serious

    thanks for bringing them here tho...

  • BLACKstreet fan
    BLACKstreet fan about
    College Park, US on Sat, 27 Sep 2014



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