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Béla Fleck


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  • Béla Fleck fan
    Béla Fleck fan about
    Ann Arbor, US on Sun, 01 Mar 2015

    I have now had the joy of seeing Bela Fleck live at The Power Center on U of M campus. His playing with Abagail Washburn was phenomenal and so good I cried. I used to have a lot of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones CD's but had not kept up lately with his music. I am so happy to see the he is happily married to such a wonderfully, talented artist and just loved the interaction with the audience they have-so cute when they received flowers at the end and said that was the first time that had happened. Loved Abagail's dancing and Bela's entertaining reply "I didn't know you could dance honey" Best Banjo players in the universe!!~~

  • Béla Fleck fan
    Béla Fleck fan about
    Markham, Canada on Wed, 22 Oct 2014

    great show last night Bela's flawless playing is a must see the crowd was a mixed of all ages there is something for everyone musician or not, this was the first time i seen Abigail Washburn and i was very impressed

  • Béla Fleck fan
    Béla Fleck fan about
    Yakima, US on Sun, 11 May 2014

    Love the music and enjoyed the whole performance. Just wish I could of personally met them.


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