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Type: group

Founded: 01 Dec 1996 (24 years ago)

Founded in: Mchenry, US

Fan reviews: 3

  • Alkaline Trio fan
    Alkaline Trio fan about Birmingham, UK on Sun, 28 Jun 2015

    The whole lineup for the evening where great, however the sound in the venue was terrible, especially for Ladwagon, they were so Lound you couldn't even what they were singing. I've seen Alkaline Trio a fair few times and I have to say they were disappointing tonight. It was as if they couldn't be bothered and had no interest in being there, which is a shame. A couple of the bands has mentioned that the turnout was much better the night before resulting in a better show, however it is not our fault if the turnout wasn't as good the second evening and regardless Alkaline Trio could have tried to appear to make an effort. A real shame all in all.

  • Alkaline Trio fan
    Alkaline Trio fan about Birmingham, UK on Sat, 27 Jun 2015


  • Alkaline Trio fan
    Alkaline Trio fan about Oslo, Norway on Mon, 12 May 2014

    This was my first real life meeting with the trio. and i can say, for me, this was one of the 2014 highlights. The only problem with this band, they got too many hits. So many good songs i missed. cant believe it. I shouted at Adriano, - You got so far to go! =)
    I got his pick though..! =)
    This really made my day. keep on rocking you guys, see you around some time!


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