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Fan reviews

  • redv6
    redv6 about
    Newtown, Australia on Thu, 04 Sep 2014

    Ive been seeing Kasey Chambers since back at the Metro days and this small venue was a brilliant choice akin to those days where it was Kasey and the crowd interacting and enjoying the event.

    The band was slick and powerful and this is as good a show as I can remember Kasey doing (and I have seen a lot)
    The duet with Harry Hookey was perfection!!!
    More smaller venues please!

  • Kasey Chambers fan
    Kasey Chambers fan about
    Newtown, Australia on Thu, 04 Sep 2014

    A fantastic show. I'm not the world's biggest Kasey fan (that would be my wife) but live she is always great and last night was just about the most enjoyable show of hers I've seen. Dan Kelly on lead was fantastic. The whole band were on song, and 10/10 for the effort when the vocal PA went on the fritz and Kasey ("My voice sounds like a foghorn anyway") led them through an acoustic version of a song they obviously hadn't played together before, from her first album - also 10/10 for Kasey not having a sook at the PA problems but just keeping the crowd entertained and generating such a lovely vibe all evening. I love seeing a group of musicians genuinely having a great time on stage and this was it. Her stage patter was as hysterically funny as ever (the explanation for "Can I Be Your Stalker" had most of the crowd in tears of laughter), look, basically they belted out a terrific show of songs old and new and it was far better than anything she's done in the previous 5 years or so.

  • Sanditiger
    Sanditiger about
    Brisbane, Australia on Tue, 02 Sep 2014

    What can I say ... You were amazing. This was the the 4th time I've been too see you and this was the the best one by far. The smaller venue was fantastic as it was more up close and personal. I am still on cloud nine by the fact I actually got to meet you and get a photo and my cd signed. You are beautiful and just loved your show. Brilliant singer with an awesome band.... Thank you. =)) xx

  • Kasey Chambers fan
    Kasey Chambers fan about
    Brisbane, Australia on Tue, 02 Sep 2014

    Kasey you are one awesome woman on so many levels along with your amazing band thank you for such a precious night xxx


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