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Carpenter Brut

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Gender: male

Born: 1977 (43 years ago)

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  • Carpenter Brut fan
    Carpenter Brut fan about Paris, France on Fri, 25 Sep 2015

    Some bands are made to stay in studios, hidden behing the mythology they created. Carpenter Brut is one of these. It seemed like theses three guys never really planned ot be on stage, so they played their album without any variation, pause, and soundcheck ! But the worst part, they never acknoledged the public until the last "goodbye" ! We come (and pay) to see Carpenter Brut LIVE, not dead and silent.
    And yeah, maybe it's theTrabendo's fault, or maybe it's because they decided to used a high pitch guitar instead of some keyboards, but the sound was confused, messy, and really far for the complex construction of what Carpenter Brut is supposed to be.
    The crowd was made mostly of gamers, brought hereby the Hotline Miami train. Well, theses guys don't know much about concert etiquette, they yell and cheers like hooligans and they weirdly bend backward to lay on you like you're their sofa. And of ourse they are really drunk, since they "go outside".
    I didn't wasted my money, but I for sure won't go again.


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