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Terms of service

Standards and rules of communication on the site loudmemories.com.

Loudmemories.com offers users numerous opportunities to express opinions about concerts and artists. We want to create the conditions for high-quality, lively, intelligent, fun and most creative discussion at the appropriate level, which allows equal participation of all users. Your posts and reviews are published immediately and are not pre-moderated, so we can not prevent the actions of users. Reviews are not always identical to the official positions of loudmemories.com.

Introductory provision

  1. When registering on websites loudmemories.com the user undertakes to adopt all the provisions of the Terms of Use and the rules of the site loudmemories.com.
  2. Users

  3. Different reviews and comparing them are the essence of every online discussion, so I will not personally verbal attack, threaten  and insult other users or artists.
  5. Harsh criticism or disapproval of individual reviews should be expressed politely, without personal attacks and insults.
  6. I realize that hate speech, incitement to violence, dissemination, and expression of racial, ethnic, religious, sexual and other intolerance based on the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and the law prohibited those who deliberately promote hatred, violence, and intolerance, it is personal criminally liable.
  7. I respect the views of other participants and consider what impression will leave my reviews on them. I agree that I will not intentionally provoke, disturbed (trolling) and imitate other users or impersonate someone else.
  8. In the reviews, I kept the topic. I will not debate shifting to another topic and messages to the original topic are substantially related.
  9. I agree that I'm inquiries or reviews on interventions administrators sent via support, it does not belong in the public debate and the remaining users do not concern you.
  10. Messages with advertising content are not permitted, so as a user I do not publish external (advertising) links, which do not contribute to the quality of the debate and offer tangible, financial and other services.
  11. When writing a message I will try to make clear its view that it will be properly understood, peers. Some statements in the written word often does not have the same effect as in speech, so I pay attention to the clarity of messages and reviews. I understand and agree that vulgar or otherwise inappropriate reviews, usernames, and avatars are not allowed, so they will not be used.
  12. I will respect the privacy of other users of, and I will not publish personal information and private messages from other users or administrators since I am aware that this would violate the law governing the protection of personal data.
  13. In his article, I will abide by the rules of e- etiquette in which is not recommended for use capital letters, which means screaming. By following the formal rules of the portal will be transparent to all users.
  14. As a user and the author accept responsibility for his reviews and others introduced its contents on the website mayconcertlist.com. I am aware that it is not allowed to distribute copyright-protected content (photos, articles) or content owned by other legal or natural persons.
  15. I agree that all personal data you enter, collect and store only for use on this site, by the law governing the protection of personal data.
  16. loudmemories.com

  17. Users who seriously or repeatedly violate those rules portal or deliberately ignore, administrators can warn you add them under control or block the username
  18. The Administrator reserves the right to individual reviews, the image is deleted without warning, if the editorial office considers that one of the user's violation of this rule.
  19. To avoid a handful of problematic users in violation of the rules of the majority was wrong and cause inconvenience administrator at smaller offenses user warns of further grave violations, or it is inserted under the control or block it. The user that was added because of non-compliance under the control or blocked, disable registration of a new username. Registering multiple usernames to further violations of the rules is not allowed. Usernames and passwords do not share other people.
  20. In the case of abuses and violations at the request of law enforcement must be legally entitled to formal, user data transmitted to the police for further action.
  21. Final provisions

  22. Terms and conditions of use of the site for users binding in any modified form.
  23. These Terms and Conditions of Use Site loudmemories.com enter into force on the date of publication on the website loudmemories.com.