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Veruca Salt


Veruca Salt concert
Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) - Philadelphia, US
Tue, 22 Jul 2014

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  • Veruca Salt fan
    Veruca Salt fan

    I was very excited to hear that the original members of Veruca Salt were back together but to be honest, I was nervous about seeing this show. I saw them in 1997 with Local H in Montreal and even though I have seen over 350 concerts in my life, that show was always in my Top Five. That is a tough act to follow.

    I have been a Veruca Salt fan ever since American Thighs and was very bummed when they broke up. I followed both the band and Nina after the break up and really enjoyed her solo work so I wasn't sure how this show was going to fit in after 18 years.

    I am glad to say that Veruca Salt is back. It was like they never missed a beat. Nina and Louise sounded fantastic and the chemistry that was on stage in 1997 was in full effect in this show. The guys were smiling and you could tell they were all having fun and happy to be back together.

    The set was great with every Veruca Salt fan singing along not just to the past hits but some of the B - Sides. Even the new stuff was fantastic which is rare for a band that was on hiatus for so long. Looking forward to their new release.

    All in all, this show really exceeded my expectations and it was a great night. Hope they come through again with their next tour.



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  • Veruca Salt fan
    Veruca Salt fan